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Ray Brady's Letter
12. Origin of Profanities
E-mail all suggestions to the following address adhering to all the rules below:
11. Bad News about Speed of Light
10. Why I'm Awesome
1) Please keep all subjects generally intelligent and clean. I will not post on subjects such as "What do you think about booty dancing?" Unless of course you want me to do my version of Andrew Hidalgo's rape fest (I think a few of you might understand that one).

2) Try to keep your language in the e-mail clean and, for the most part, legible. If I have to go online and find a ghetto translator, I'm not posting on the subject. A sub rule to this one is keep your language in English.

3) Please keep criticism for the board I will build soon enough. I would rather not have a ton of e-mail with someone just constantly complaining. It's boring and redundant.

4) No junk mail, please. I will block you, thanks.
9. Movies vs. Books
8. Drunk Driving and Why Not
If your question makes me do this...chances are it doesn't meet my rules.
Story Page
Well, obviously, you're going to e-mail your idea first. In the subject line, please write "Subject:" followed by a one-word summary of your subject. I will automatically delete anything that has an expletive or inappropriate word, so don't even try that.

After reading your suggestion, I will post your idea in a "Soon to Come" sort of column. When I complete my write up on your subject, I will then erase it from the column and post the write up.

Write ups will include the name of the person who suggested, so don't be shy in your e-mail, tell me your name. If you want, you can also write your location. I will take from your e-mail the line(s) that specifically describe the subject and leave the rest for my own personal viewing.
Here it is, my message board just for you.
A genius in our midst...
My favorite tea-swilling-crumpet monkey.
The End of the World!
Closing Argument:
Why don't you just go Google yourself?
    In conclusion, I'd like to thank you all for making any contribution that you will make ahead of time.  This site is totally on the shoulders of the readers and somewhat on mine.  I will try my hardest to write to my potential to satisfy your hunger and thirst for semi-intellectual arguments. I hope to hear from you in the future and I hope you enjoy what I have to say.
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