When the shadow of evil falls across the land,
the world's greatest champions strike for justice:
Spider-Man! The X-Men! Thor! Iron Man!
The Thunderbolts! The Fantastic Four!
Captain Marvel! Hulk! The Avengers!
Captain America! Black Panther! The Defenders!
For over 60 years fans of all ages have been shouting:
Make Mine Marvel.
These are the words on the back of the packaging for Marvel Legends, Toy Biz's line of action figures based on characters from the Marvel universe.

Toy Biz has released many toy lines based on Marvel characters over the years in many sizes form a couple of inches to many over 1 foot tall. Many lines were quite extensive and the detail on each evolved with technology and toy trends. Some lines covered many Marvel titles  while other focussed on those form select fields such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four or X-Men.

The Marvel Legends line was released in 2002 and used a slightly larger format to the usual 5 inch figures scale used in their previous lines. Each figure combined superb sculpting and detailing with a stand or backdrop and comic featuring that character. They were released in series, each consisting of 4-6 characters. Special multi-packs were also produced.

These toys quickly became popular with children and collectors as they were also competitively priced compared to other small and less detailed toy lines such as Hasbros "Justice League". Both retailed for around US$8.99.

Captain America Hulk Iron Man Iron Man (Stealth Armor) Toad
Daredevil (Yellow) Dr. Doom Hulk Human Torch Namor The Thing
Daredevil Ghost Rider Magneto Thor Wolverine
Beast Electra Gambit Punisher

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