Phillipe Bazin

First Appearance: Darkhawk 1
Died In: Darkhawk 14, when the dying Mike Powell managed to squeeze off one last shot. Oh, wait; Mike wasn't dying, he was just hurt really, really badly; and Bazin didn't die, he was just hurt really, really bad. (Amazing how it sometimes takes the Powers-That-Be twenty issues or so to let you, the mere reader, know these little details...)
What's His Problem? Nothing fancy. Just your run-of-the-mill mob boss trying to make a dis-honest living. Where exactly he fit in a New York mob scene that included the likes of the Foreigner, the Kingpin and Hammerhead was never entirely clear.
Abilities: Bazin was a talented organizer, a discriminating art connoisseur, and a surprisingly tolerant father. Oh, and he could wield heavy artillery and stab people in the back when he had to, but preferred to have his underlings do that sort of thing.
Favorite Quote: "I love it. Even so formidable a being as Hobgoblin can be fooled by some impressive-looking computer print-outs and talk of non-existent 'scanners.'" (Darkhawk 3. Insisting that the data proved Darkhawk lacked any eternal power source, Bazin brazenly fibs to the Hobgoblin, who figured no one would be stupid enough to lie to a demonically possessed super-villain that could fry you where you sit. Bazin was one cool customer...)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Bazin's search for a mysterious "focus object of power" came up just a touch short, since Chris Powell found the Darkhawk amulet first and promptly turned it against the crime boss he blamed for the problems of his family. Bazin dodged the likes of the Cabal, Chris' police officer father, and even Spider-Man whilst trying to obtain the amulet for himself.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: The Hobgoblin was on first name terms with the guy, but they never trusted each other. Bazin's children Allegra, Broderick and Andrew were willing to challenge Darkhawk for their dad, but Allegra later interfered with Darkhawk's destruction and forced Broderick to testify against Bazin. Lodestone was devoted to Bazin for reasons never completely explained, although Bazin insured her loyalty by implanting a control device in her brain.
Most Despicable Act: Ordering a hit using a car bomb meant to silence Grace Powell, Darkhawk's D.A. mom. Darkhawk's little brother Jason was caught in the blast but survived, whereupon Bazin sent an assassin to the hospital to try and finish the job. (This was when his daughter Allegra drew the line: murdering the D.A. was one thing, but offing little kids in the intensive care ward was a bit much. Later she had a bit of a conversion and tried to have Jason and Jason's twin brother Jon both killed...but that's another story...)

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