The Kingpin

Real Name: Wilson Fisk
AKA: The Brainwasher
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 50
What's His Problem? It all started with that pesky Spider-Man. Unlike other heroes, who could only be bothered with international crisises or cosmic threats, Spider-Man would take time out of his busy super-heroing schedule to stop muggers, pick-pockets, and other low-profile scum. Since most of the low-life scum either worked for Fisk or gave Fisk a percentage of their ill-gotten gains, Spidey hurt Fisk financially in a way the Avengers or Fantastic Four never could. Fisk considers himself a business man, and anything that hurts business must be disposed of. Fisk has been trying to dispose of Spidey for years. His other major super-hero foe of note is DareDevil who, once he became aware of Fisk's role in New York's underworld, successfully worked to publicly expose the Kingpin of Crime.
Abilities: Wilson Fisk is the leader of a coalition of crime-lords. Although based in New York City, he may well have fingers in criminal pies all across the world, as evidenced by his stint as Chief Executive Officer of Fujikawa Enterprises' Hong Kong branch. Despite his bulky appearance, the Kingpin is solid muscle and, although he avoids physical confrontations, is well able to handle himself in a fight. Do not expect a Kingpin of Crime to fight fair. Several items that appear to be ornamental, from his walking stick to the diamond stick pin for his cravat, are actually weapons or clever containers for sleeping gas.
Favorite Quote: "You will not escape me that easily, insect! I have sworn to slay you with my bare hands--and the Kingpin always keeps his word!!" (Amazing Spider-Man 164; believing that Spidey has killed his son, Richard, Kingpin comes out swinging, but once more fails to deal the fatal blow).
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Despite his determination to find a way to take down Fisk, Spider-Man has been frustrated by the big man's resourcefulness time and again. The Punisher often had the crime-lord in his cross-hairs. Even the X-Men and Captain America have crossed his path. The Kingpin considers these others to be petty annoyances, however, when compared to DareDevil. Spider-Man may have interfered with his business dealings, but DareDevil is the only hero who has consistantly foiled Fisk's schemes, including exposing Fisk's candidate for mayor publicly when Fisk made a political grab for New York City. It was ol' Hornhead who finally did what was beyond all the other super-heroes in New York -- demonstrate that Fisk was a crook. DareDevil is the only person that can make Fisk lose control. An out-of-control Kingpin is not a pretty sight...
People Who Think He's Not So Bad:Everyone thinks Fisk is bad. His wife, Vanessa, has left him several times. His son Richard, AKA the Rose, loathes him and became a crime lord himself to try and destroy his father. The clandestine organization HYDRA considered the Kingpin to be such a threat they turned aside from their usual goal of world domination to destroy his holdings in New York. Fisk is puzzled by all this animosity; it is, after all, just business.
Most Despicable Act: The Kingpin once blew up a city block to try and get DareDevil. That's got to rank up there on the ol' Despicable Act scale!

Kingpin Mug Shots

Amazing Spider-Man 69

Amazing Spider-Man

DareDevil 172

DareDevil 212

DareDevil 253

DareDevil 339

Kingpin-Sized Sound Bytes

From Spider-Man: The Animated Series. All sounds in .wav format.

Kingpin: "This is no game, I assure you."

Kingpin: "I have waited for this for some time!"

Kingpin: "There is no profit to be made in the destruction of the planet."

Kingpin: "Peter Parker. It is so good to see you looking so ... healthy."

Kingpin: "This is only a temporary set-back."

Peter Parker: "Who are you?" DD: "DareDevil."

DareDevil: "There'll be the devil to pay for this."

Spidey: "Helpless as a beached whale!"

Kingpin: "Where is the other one?" DD: "Right here, Kingpin! And the name's...DareDevil!"

DareDevil: "I'm afraid the Kingpin's had the last laugh again."

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