The Leader

Real Name: Samuel Sterns
First Appearance: Tales To Astonish 62
What's His Problem? After being exposed to gamma radiation, the Leader's subconscious image of being the absolute "leader" of the planet manifested itself. Consequently, he believes that it is his destiny to rule the world.
Abilities: The Leader possess enhanced intuition, pattern solving, information storage and retrieval. He can also project mental bolts for various purposes such as: rendering people unconscious, placing people under his mental control, and mental projections. After he was re-exposed to gamma radiation in Incredible Hulk 332, he gained the ability to control the minds of any non gamma-irradiated being he touches.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: The Hulk. Considering the fact the the Hulk has played a major role in the constant deterring of the Leader's quest for global domination, does it take a genius to figure out that the Leader should pick on someone else?
Favorite Quote: "I have noticed that many so-called 'villains' feel constrained to lay out their plans just before the climax of their machinations. Explain to the 'hero' the whys and wherefores. When my plans reach fruition, however, I hope to be otherwise occupied. So when you hear this tape, my dear Hulk, at some point in the future ...... please accept my humblest condolences." (Incredible Hulk 342. Gee, a villain who doesn't consume pages explaining their actions to the hero during their confrontation. I wish more villains would do this!)
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Flunkies like the Abomination, the Rhino, Rock, and Redeemer have attempted to assist the Leader in his quest to rule the world. Also, the citizens of Freehold, the Leader's hidden city in the Arctic, are very fond of him.
Most Despicable Act: Without question, the Leader's nearly successful plan to cause World War III in Incredible Hulk 436-440 is the most despicable act by him to date. By destroying many famous monuments and landmarks, governmental buildings, and commercial vehicles all over the world, the Leader caused global tempers and fears to escalate. He caused the world to believe that a non-existant terrorist group, the Alliance, was behind the random global bombings. Moreover, the Alliance never claimed allegiance to a specific country or cause; consequently, no one felt safe or knew which country supported the Alliance. However, honorable mention goes to the Leader's well executed plans during the Ground Zero story line in Incredible Hulk 340 - 345. To create a few gamma powered flunkies, the Leader detonated a gamma bomb in Middletown, Arizona that killed 5,000 people. His plans were so precise that if the Hulk wasn't magically transported away at the last second by some unseen wizards, Incredible Hulk 345 would have been the last appearance of the Hulk.

by Christopher Lawrence III

Mug Shots Of Your Future Leader!

Tales To Astonish 64

Incredible Hulk 342

Incredible Hulk 366

Your Leader Speaks!

From the Incredible Hulk Animated Series. All sounds are in .wav format.

"When the time is right and my forces are ready, we will strike fast and hard! So says ... the Leader..."

"You know I don't do graditude."

"Let us embark upon the hour of my triumph!"

GARGOYLE: "Of course, now the inevitable..." LEADER: "So says the Leader!" GARGOYLE: "Oy, he's in such a rut!"

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