The Mad Thinker

Real Name: So far, no mention of it.
AKA: Dr. Jose Santini and "Keith Dramn" (anonymous e-mail only). He prefers to be just called "The Thinker," but you know the media; they gotta add a handle.
First Appearance: Fantastic Four 15
What's His Problem? Obviously the Thinker likes to think. But while knowledge may be power, it doesn't pay the bills, so the Thinker is often involved in criminal activities in the pursuit of financial gains. His first major attempt at both included a rather common idea at the time: getting rid of the Fantastic Four. After winding up in jail for (allegedly) the first time, he just had to put "Get revenge on Reed Richards and friends" on his To-Do list. All that and he needs a haircut.
Abilities: The Thinker's mind is like a top-notch organic computer, able to recall virtually anything he's seen, read or heard, perform complex mathematics unaided and accurately calculate how certain events will turn out. His predictions are often foiled by human unpredictability, or "the x-factor" (so-called long before mutant books shipped by the metric ton). While the Thinker is well-read in genetics, mechanics and electronics, he is not a inventor per se; he makes what he wants based on other people's creations and discoveries. Via a surgical implant, the Thinker's mind can radio-link to any of his sophisticated computer databases or android doubles.
Weapons: Besides computerized defense systems, the occasional handgun or hypno-lenses? Howzabout...
Androids, Androids, Androids! His first "Awesome Android" is a gray block-headed thing made by, get this, splicing unstable molecules with ape DNA; its skin can copy certain attributes like the Thing's hide or Firebird's flames, its mouth can project intense wind and its fists turn into big blocks. The newest, more superior version is quite strong, can grow and reshapes itself to counter various attacks and ignores most damage, even after dividing into six! There has also been a super-strong Monster Android (aka the Scavenger), the super-hot Metalloid, mechanical dinosaurs I'd rather not mention, plus simulacrums of history's great thinkers, the Fantastic Four and many of their enemies. His own dopplegangers are indistinguishable from the jailbird himself, although they often sport upgrades like weapons and jetpacks.
Favorite Rational Quote: "Not a practice I'd wish to implement as a continuing policy... still, it is unexpectedly pleasant to win one every so often!" Avengers Spotlight 28. Figuring that Loki's Acts of Vengeance and the Super-Powers Registration Act would hurt his long term plans, he sent a lunkhead giant against Wonder Man and the Wasp so their victory would boost superhero approval ratings. One runner-up quote is his art commentary from Thunderbolts 2. The Thinker, upon seeing the memorial erected to the heroes felled by Onslaught, uttered, "That is an intensely repulsive piece of sculpture!" Something lots of fans agree with on all kinds of levels -- editor no-art-critic-but-knows-what-she-likes Jeanne
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: The Thinkster is a less-recurrent but still-dangerous pain in the collective backside of the FF, upon whom he often tested androids. Other schemes have ran afoul of Iron Man, the original X-Men, various Avengers, Captain Mar-Vell, Sub-Mariner, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Power Pack (something I'd rather not mention) and the team even he couldn't devine the secret of, the Thunderbolts. When hired to gather data on the New Warriors, he actually wound up helping them out a few times. Think he's just misunderstood? Just ask Jim Hammond, the (alledged) original Human Torch!
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: He's worked with Klaw and led a Triumvirate of Terror, but his on/off partnership with the Puppet Master was quite fruitful. As if those two didn't cause enough grief, Egghead and the Wizard each joined up with them once. Even though Puppet Master ruined their plans to wreck Johnny Storm's wedding to Alicia Masters, the Thinker did tell him who the real bride was. The sentient shape-shifter Primus was glad to work with him despite the lack of a social life. No further word on David, whose uncontrollable power incinerated his own mother, the Thinker's sister. That's why Uncle Thinker was so interested in the Warriors, who would later provide a cure. His interest in Franklin Richards is stranger; he refused to help the Wizard experiment dangerously on the boy, but later tried to kidnap him to extract Daddy's secrets.
Most Despicable Act: Disguised as Dr. Santini, he turned Ben Grimm delusional, furious and against his teammates, in that order, so he could safely plunder the Baxter Building's scientific riches (again, not too original). He later tried to murder Santini when the plan went askew. As part of a laser-satellite extortion scheme, he brainwashed Jim Hammond's ex-partner Toro, who later regained his memory and died trying to stop the Thinker's escape.

by Ray Schaff

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