The Master of the World

Real Name: Eshu (Gesundheit!)
First Appearance: Alpha Flight 2
Died in: Alpha Flight 130 (Not likely his actual death though; he commits suicide rather than go to prison? Puh-leeze!)
"See, I Told Ya" Department: The Master of the World popped back into the Marvel Universe in Heroes for Hire 1.
What's His Problem? Basically a control freak, he believes that it is his destiny and his birthright to control the planet. The Master was born thousands of years ago and was kicked out of his tribe because he was just too uncontrollable. He was psionically called to a fallen alien ship as were many other species and beings. Only he made it. The Plodex ship took him apart physically; however, he mentally gained control of the ship and eventually reconstructed himself. He decided it was up to him to save the human destroying 70% of it.
Abilities: The Master is physically perfect (perhaps the most advanced human physiology in existence) due to genetically altering himself. As well, he is psionically linked to the Plodex ship so that he can control if with his very thoughts.
Weapons: The Master had access to alien Plodex technology, as well as the powerful Plodex ship itself. In addition, his armor incorporated flight capabilities and a host of offensive weaponry.
Favorite Quote: "I am the Forever Man. I am the Master of Time. The Master of Life. And, very soon, the Master of you as well..." ( Alpha Flight 96)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: The Master started off messing with Alpha Flight a lot, although his schemes ran afoul of both the Invisible Woman once and Namor. After returning from his "death" (which he faked for reasons unknown), he seems to be at odds with Iron Fist's Heroes For Hire.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: His lackeys, the second Omega Flight, probably didn't hate him completely. The U-Foes seemed to like him just enough to use him for their own ends (not that it worked, the Master double crossed thier double cross). Strangely, Luke Cage (known to those who are brave enough to say it as Power Man) worked for the Master as a spy on the inside of Heroes for Hire.
The Master's Top Five Most Despicable Acts:

by Kirk Furlotte

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