Maximus the Mad

Real Name: Maximus
First Appearance: Fantastic Four 47
What's His Problem? The younger brother of the Inhuman leader Black Bolt, Maximus has long despised his older sibling, and blames him for the death of their parents and his own insanity. Maximus has hopes of getting the royal throne from Black Bolt, as well as the affections of Black Bolt's wife Medusa, control over the Inhuman capitol of Attilan, and basically complete control over all of Earth.
Powers: As well as being a genius several times over, Maximus has some limited mind control capability he usually boosts by his Kirby-tech (tm) machines. He's also been able to pull off the "switch minds with the hero" bit all villains do at one time or another. Maximus can implant strong hypnotic suggestions (he once imprisoned the Fantastic Four in a room that didn't even exist!)
Favorite Quote:"The real problem with having mind-controlled zombies as my servants is that it's tough to get up a really sincere-sounding round of cheers when I've come up with a plan I think is worth cheering." (Maximus explains to a captured Franklin Richards the drawbacks of mind control in X-Factor Annual 2.)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Maximus usually battles his brother Black Bolt (who is so irritated by him he could scream and has) and the other members of the Inhuman royal family. While he's often seen fighting the Fantastic Four, Mad Max has also fought the Hulk, the Avengers, and the original X-Factor.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Maximus has a team of Inhuman criminals who follow him, and has often attempted treasonous pacts with the Kree aliens. He's also teamed up with the Enclave, and, of course, anyone he controls is fiercely loyal to him. During a period when he did the "switching minds" trick with Black Bolt, Maximus ruled the Inhumans with no one, not even Medusa, figuring it out.
Most Despicable Act: Maximus once used his machines to place emotional turmoil in Crystal and Quicksilver. Supposedly this is what caused Quicksilver to go nuts and attempt to frame the Avengers for treason, and caused Crystal to abandon her daughter to re-join the Fantastic Four. Whether it was completely Maximus' fault for the resulting rift in the Maximoffs' marriage is a bit unclear (let's face it, the two have tons of problems apart from Maximus, and didn't get back together until the "Bloodties" crossover despite Maximus' influence over them being terminated long before that storyline).

by Bobby Coakley

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