Count Nefaria

Real Name: Count Luchino Nefaria
First Appearance: Avengers 13
Died In: Iron Man 116
What's His Problem? A wealthy, celebrated European nobleman, Count Nefaria was secretly the leading figure in the global crime organization known as the Maggia. Determined to end the Avengers' interference in underworld activities, Nefaria framed them for treason but was himself exposed as a crimelord and ruined. Nefaria made various attempts at revenge and conquest thereafter.
Abilities: Count Nefaria was a brilliant criminal mastermind and organized crime leader with considerable scientific expertise and access to various exotic high-tech weapons. Using a process developed by Professor Sturdy, Nefaria later drained superhuman power from the Lethal Legion (Living Laser, Power Man and Whirlwind) and multiplied it a hundredfold, developing near-limitless superhuman strength, speed and invulnerability, not to mention laser vision. Unfortunately, the augmentation process made Nefaria age rapidly and eventually reduced him to a feeble, elderly man.
Favorite Quote: "Ahh, welcome to the castle of Count Nefaria! How good of you to come!" (Avengers 13. The Count descends the steps of his castle and greets the Avengers with his best Bela Lugosi impression.)
Heroes He Kept Running Into: The Avengers and the X-Men both beat Nefaria twice, but his foremost single opponent was Iron Man, who eventually caused Nefaria's death when he downed the aged Nefaria's escape craft.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Nefaria had numerous criminal minions of varying loyalty, but his best friend was his doting daughter and Maggia successor Whitney Frost, AKA Madame Masque. Masque was fiercely loyal to Nefaria despite her passion for his mortal enemy, Iron Man. Her love for Iron Man turned to hatred after Nefaria's death.
Most Despicable Act: Nefaria's misdeeds were many, but he is perhaps most infamous for causing the death of rookie X-man Thunderbird while fleeing the X-Men at Cheyenne Mountain.

by Sean McQuaid

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