First appearance: Incredible Hulk 254
Roll Call: Vector (Simon Utrecht), Vapor (Ann Darnell), X-Ray (James Darnell), Ironclad (Mike Steel)
What's Their Problem? Obsessed with gaining super-powers, the U-Foes purposefully duplicated the experiment that led to the formation of the Fantastic Four. Although they achieved a substantial set of abilities, the U-Foes hold a grudge against the Hulk for disrupting their mutation and have sought to kill him on several occasions. But, regardless if they are on a revenge trip or acting as flunkies for another megalomaniac, the U-Foes crave the supremacy that results from instilling fear in mankind.
Powers: Vector possesses the ability to telekinetically propel matter away from himself, which he can also use to fly. Vapor can convert her body into any type of gas. X-Ray, who is Vapor's brother, no longer retains a corporeal form and exists as radiating energy. He can fly and project any form of radiation. Ironclad's body is covered with a metallic substance. In addition to being able to lift 75 tons, Ironclad can increase or decrease his mass at will.

Favorite Quote: "As of this moment, the world is unaware that we exist. But, if we were to end the menace of the Incredible Hulk, the name of the U-Foes would be legend! No one would dare stand against us! No barriers would our fellow humans dare place in our way! We could go wherever we chose -- take whatever we wished! And the ultimate irony of it is that we could do so with a world heaping upon us the praise reserved for heroes!" (Vector after the U-Foes defeated the Hulk in Incredible Hulk 276. Vector voiced this idea a decade before the Thunderbolts were formed; it would have been interesting if the U-Foes had become the '80s version of the Thunderbolts.)
Heroes They Keep Running Into: For many years, the U-Foes were primarily Hulk villains and repeatedly sought to kill him for disrupting their cosmic mutation. However, they have also tussled with Darkhawk and the Avengers on several occasions. In fact, they recently encountered the Heroes For Hire gang. (Personally, I'd love to see to them fight the Fantastic Four -- after all, that's who they were copying!)
People Who Think They're Not So Bad: The Leader and the Master Of the World don't object to the U-Foes quest for power... just as long as they don't disrupt their power schemes.
Most Despicable Act: Attempting to murder a helpless Bruce Banner execution style during a worldwide broadcast in Incredible Hulk 277 was very despicable of the U-Foes. However, honorable mention goes to their brutal assault on The Mount just prior to the beginning of Incredible Hulk 397. The Leader, a guy who himself nuked a city in Incredible Hulk 345, was appalled by their barbaric actions. After he accomplished his goal in Hulk 399, the Leader imprisoned the U-Foes in his secret lair and vowed to only use them as part of his last line of defense.

by Christopher Lawrence III

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