Real Name: George Tarleton
AKA: Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing
First Appearance: Tales of Suspense 94. He's heard berating some underlings in Tales of Suspense 93, but not seen until the next issue -- editor Jeanne
Final Appearance: He was killed in Captain America 313, but his body wasn't destroyed until Iron Man 205.
What's His Problem? An ordinary technician for A.I.M., Tarleton was mutated into the creature called Modok to serve as a living computer for them. Enraged at his freakish appearance (and at his inability to wear cool hats), Modok took A.I.M. over himself and attempted to conquer the world a few times.
Abilities: As a result of his mutation, Modok possessed superhuman intelligence and psionic powers. He was a genius several times over, and could fire psionic energy that could rip steel.
Weapons: Because of his huge head Modok's body was proportioned as badly as a Rob Liefeld drawing, so he needed a hover-chair to move around. Sometimes Modok wore a powerful suit of armor that gave him superhuman strength and gigantic body proportions. His super-jumbo-sized headband also allowed him to focus his psionic powers.
Heroes He Kept Running Into: As the ... ahem ... "head" of A.I.M., Modok was frequently opposed by Captain America, Sharon Carter, Iron Man, the Hulk, the original Ms. Marvel, the Falcon, and the Sub-Mariner. Bad guys opposed Modok as well, such as the Mad Thinker, Dr. Doom, and Yellow Claw. In fact, it was the villainous Serpent Society, hired by new leaders at A.I.M., that finally did him in.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: A.I.M. followed Modok more out of fear than actual loyalty. Head-boy also once teamed up with Sh'iar rebel Deathbird to battle rogue A.I.M. agents and worked with General "Thunderbolt" Ross to free the Abomination from captivity to destroy the Hulk. Although Katherine Waynesboro thought she was in love with Modok after her mutation into Ms. Modok, she couldn't deal with his brutality. Since A.I.M. faltered under Modok's rule, they eventually got rid of him, but A.I.M. member Yorgon Tykkio put Modok's dead body into combat against Iron Man, where it was destroyed.
Most Despicable Act: Since Modok did not have the creativity to go with his genius, most of his plans failed. However, one of his worse acts was using his knowledge and technology to turn Betty Ross (before she was Mrs. Bruce Banner) into the green-skinned gamma-powered Harpy.
Editorial Update: Just in case you were wondering if that was Modok you saw in Iron Man 296-297 and various Captain America issues -- well, no. That was Modak's female equivalent Modam, the Mobile Organism Designed for Agressive Maneuvers. How do you tell them apart? It's pretty simple. Modam wears lipstick. Modok doesn't. -- editor Jeanne

by Bobby Coakley

Modok Mug Shots

(and an ugly mug it is, too!)

Marvel Two-In-One 81

Captain America 313

Iron Man 205

Modak Speaks!

(and when a floating head talks, people listen)

From Iron Man: The Animated Series. All sounds in .wav format

"You had no right to do this to me!"

"My motives are my business!"

"The past is dead, Iron Man."

"You're a sentimental fool. A fool!"

"Fin Fang Foom took Iron Man apart. There's not enough of him left to make a toaster oven!"

"Not bad for a floating head, eh?"

"You broke my birdie..."

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