Real Name: Lloyd Bloch
First Appearance: As Moonstone, Captain America 169; as Nefarius, Captain America 379
What's His Problem? Back when he was the original Moonstone, Bloch, like so many super-villains, turned to crime for two simple reasons: money and power. After his initial defeat by Captain America, Bloch was tricked into giving up the power of the Moonstone to Dr. Karla Sofen, the current holder of the gem. The trauma left Bloch completely psychotic. Later he met a scientist who had replicated the process that had empowered the late Avengers foe Count Nefaria. Undergoing this process, Bloch adopted the guise of Nefarius and set out to gain revenge on Karla Sofen. This burning obsession is now his overwhelming reason for existence, much to Dr. Sofen's regret.
Powers: Bloch's original abilities came from a blue rock taken from the Watcher's home on the moon. Bloch, a common thief, was hired by an European collector to steal the rock from a Midwestern university. During a struggle with campus security, Bloch accidentally absorbed the cosmic rock into his body. It gave him super strength, flight, and the ability to fire energy bolts. The replication of Count Nefaria's powers made Bloch even more powerful than he had been before. He has superhuman strength and endurance, speed, flight, invulnerability, and he can shoot energy beams from his eyes. Since the original Count took on the God of Thunder and aquitted himself well, Nefarius could likewise probably hold his own against Thor or the Hulk.
Favorite Quote: "Now what say we explore your threshold of pain? I'm a fair man. I'll give you a choice as to what bone I break first!" (Captain America 379; Nefarius makes it clear to Karla Sofen that all is NOT forgiven)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: In both his costumed identities Bloch fought Captain America. He has also encountered several other Avengers - namely Quasar, Giant-Man, Vision, and Hercules - all of whom he has given an extremely difficult time.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: When he was the (relatively) sane Moonstone, Bloch was an ally of the subversive group known as the Secret Empire. Now that Nefarius' grip on sanity is almost non-existent, not even fellow villains are eager to associate with him.
Most Despicable Act: Bloch kicked off his career in super-villainy by killing fellow Secret Empire agent the Tumbler as part of a plan to frame Captain America for murder. This was part of the Secret Empire's plot to take over the United States, a scheme in which Bloch was a willing participant. As Nefarius, he has displayed a penchant for sadism, viciously battering through anything (and anyone) that stands between him and his obsessive quest for revenge.

by Ben Herman

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