The Son of Satan

Real Name: Daimon Hellstrom
AKA: Hellstorm, Prince of Lies. His demonic enemies enjoy taunting him by calling him "Devilspawn" and the like, although with Daimon in charge of his dad's realm these days, I imagine they aren't doing that to his face!
First Appearance: Ghost Rider 2
What's His Problem? Geez, he's the biological offspring of the ultimate manifestation of evil -- that alone has to be worth a few sessions on the psychiatric couch! In addition, his human soul and his dark soul are constantly striving for control of his mortal flesh, occasionally merging, occasionally so far out of synch he seems to be two different people -- in fact, DareDevil heard two heartbeats when he met Hellstrom. Currently the Dark Soul has control, but that could change. It has in the past!
Favorite Quote: "I lied, Ikthalon -- as is the privilege of the deceiver's son!" (Marvel Spotlight 14, after promising an invading demon that he would not interfere -- and then shooting the demon in the back!)
Powers: Daimon's inherent abilities include generating hellfire from his own soul, or if necessary from the soul of anyone in contact with his trident (hence, "soulfire"), and a certain amount of psychic sensitivity to occult or otherworldly activity. He is capable of promoting physical healing with a touch. The trident, which has since been broken, is a souvenir from an early battle with his father. Being made of "Netheranium," a psycho-sensitive element that holds Satan at bay, it could be used to detect the presence of demons, to direct Daimon's soulfire for short flights, and to call up the demonic steeds Hecate, Agnon and Set for longer journeys. His studies in the occult, coupled with his unique insight into the demonic psyche, made Hellstrom one of the world's foremost exorcists.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Daimon tended to confront mystical entities with monikers like "the Possessor" and "Father Darklyte", not heroes, although he and the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, weren't too fond of each other. He has faced off against Wolverine.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Various university co-workers such as Dr. Katherine Reynolds, Seripha Thames and Amelia Sefton could tolerate Daimon's mood swings; Howard the Duck also put up with him. A sometime member of the loose-knit Defenders, Daimon associated with Dr. Strange, the Valkyrie, the Hulk, Nighthawk, Luke Cage and numerous other super-heroes, with whom he helped to bring down one incarnation of the Sons of the Serpent. He and the Defenders later confronted the mystery of the Six-Fingered Hand and Hellstrom's own demonic sire. He met and married Patsy Walker, the Hellcat, during one of his stints with the team. In his last series, his old Defenders teammate Isaac Christians was seen hanging around the Hellstrom homestead quite a bit, along with Daimon's occult/punk-rock groupie Jaine Cutter. However, he didn't get along with his sister Satana very well, even when she was in one of her "dead" phases.

Most Despicable Act: As you might expect, the Son of Satan has a far-from-angelic temperament. During his semi-super-hero days, Daimon once destroyed an entire cult of nihilists (save one, in a plot thread that's been dangling for 20 years) because they really, really got on his nerves. He has a hasty temper, and is likely to slap whomever is standing next to him (always female, I've noticed) when things don't go his way. He cheated on his wife when she was in a fatal coma, and drove the one-time Avenger Dr. Druid to his death. When he finally defeated his father, Satan, Daimon usurped the throne of Hell, becoming the Evil Entity he had fought so hard against. That makes Daimon pretty much responsible for every bit of human misery currently occurring on the planet!

Son of Satan Mug Shots!

Marvel Spotlight 13

Defenders 120

Hellstorm 14

The Defenders make a dramatic entrance!
1981. Big file!

Daimon and his dad have a little heart-to-heart!

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