SleepWalker 33, Feb. '94 Real Name: Unpronouncable by human vocal chords.
First Appearance: SleepWalker 3
What's His Problem? Cobweb is a creature of the other dimensional realm known as the Mindscape which is linked to the sentient minds of humans in our dimensions. He gets his kicks toying with people's head to unspeakable extremes. He also feeds on human mental energy. Not that he needs it to survive, it's just a nice treat for him.
SleepWalker 23, April 1993 Abilities: Cobweb is able to manipulate mental energies. Which is a pretty good trick since he lives in a world made up of mental energy! Above and beyond that, he controls a small army of mindspawn, sort of lesser demons of the Mindscape. And let's not forget his extremely malleable physical form.
Favorite Quote: "And settle for ruining a mere mind when I may destroy an entire body? What do you take me for -- a SleepWalker?" (SleepWalker 3)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: SleepWalker's role as a guardian of the Mindscape naturally set him up as Cobweb's heroic nemesis.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: It's not easy for someone like Cobweb to make friends, if possible at all. However, he did have several less powerful beings under his control, and they seemed to enjoy the work at least. The Chain Gang bears no love for Cobweb after he tortured them into his service, not that they needed much motivation to kill SleepWalker.
Most Despicable Act: Everything this guy does is despicable! He's tortured both the Chain Gang and Rick relentlessly, ordered the death of any number of SleepWalker's race, messed with who knows how many people's heads and even tricked the entire world into thinking SleepWalker was evil (including Rick!). However, his most despicable act would be his release of Mindspawn into earth who captured, tortured and killed hundreds of residents of Queens, NY and permanently ruined Sleepy's public identity.

by Kirk Furlotte

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