The High Evolutionary

Real Name: Herbert Edgar Wyndham
First Appearance: Thor 134
What's His Problem? Herbert Edgar Wyndham was a geneticist who wanted to find the key to evolution. The problem was, he kept tampering in God's domain. He created a race of creatures call the New Men, and later his own world, Counter-Earth, for them to live on. Eventually he went mad and tried to make his home planet of Earth "evolutionarily perfect." But he's feeling much better these days...
Favorite Quote: "I am like a benevolent parent... who makes the choices for those who are too immature to choose for themselves." (In X-Factor Annual 3, during a... philosophical discussion with Apocalypse.)
Abilities: The High Evolutionary is a geneticist of the highest order, someone who makes Mr. Sinister look like a grade-schooler with an erector set. He also is a master engineer and has created numerous sci-fi-type devices, as well as a semi-sentient armor.
Powers: By unlocking the secret of evolution and using it on himself, the Evolutionary had near limitless psionic power for a time, including the ability to create Counter-Earth, an alternate earth on the opposite side of the sun. Usually he just throws around powerful energy blasts. He mostly relies on his machines and followers like the New Men and Godpack.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: In his early days, the High Evolutionary encountered Thor and the Hulk, but pretty much kept to himself and his New Men. He was instrumental in the early development of Adam Warlock, and even came up with Adam's name (before that, Adam was just "Him"). After developing the plan to evolve the human race, he and his followers butted heads with everyone from the Avengers to the X-Men. He also has duked it out with Galactus (who tried to eat Counter-Earth), Apocalypse and Terminus.
People Who Don't Think He's So Bad: Wyndham was great friends with Johnathan Drew, and wound up saving young Jessica Drew's life. (She later went on to become the first Spider-Woman -- editor Jeanne). Adam Warlock was like a son to him for a time, and Thor got along well with him when he wasn't being meglomaniacal. His followers and creations consider him their leader, and most of the Savage Land populace is pretty fond of him since he restored the place after Terminus destroyed it.
Most Despicable Act: Most Spider-fans are angry with Wyndham for the small part he played in the Clone Saga (see Scarlet Spider Unlimited 1), but he's best known for his "Evolutionary Wars," where he prepared to set off a genetic bomb that would "evolve" everyone on Earth into a "god" like he was. It failed, but he did succeed in "killing" Hercules for a time, something a Hercules fan (like me) really hated!

by Bobby Coakley

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