Real Name: Jonathan R. Richards
First Appearance: Fantastic Four 406
What's His Problem? In one of the many variations of the "Days of Future Past" timeline, Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers married and had a son. Named Jonathan Richards, he grew up in a bleak future where his family and friends were slaughtered by the mutant-hunting Sentinels. Traumatized by the horrors of his childhood, Richards became Hyperstorm and vowed to bring order to a universe he believed was beset by chaos. Unfortunately, Hyperstom set out accomplishing this goal by conquoring and destroying countless civilizations across numerous timelines and dimensions. He became a despot just as evil as those who had murdered his parents.

Abilities: Hyperstorm's father (Franklin Richards) had the power to manipulate reality itself, and his mother (Rachel Summers) was herself the daughter of the X-Men's Cyclops & Jean Grey. With a family tree like that, you can just imagine the level of power Hyperstorm possesses. He has the ability to tap into hyperspace, the limitless source of all energy in this plane of reality (at least according to comic book science). This enables Hyperstorm to manifest numerous powers that quite probably put him on a par with some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.
Weapons: With powers like his, you would think Hyperstorm wouldn't need any weapons. Nevertheless, with an ever-expanding empire to control, he couldn't take the time to personally crush every act of rebellion. He created numerous lethal war machines for that task, including his favorite, the robot Destructoids, which he used to wreck havoc on numerous worlds.
Favorite Quote: "I trust you people are all familar with the Power Cosmic? Amateur night by my standards!" (Fantastic Four 406. Hyperstorm allows himself a melodramatic rant while wiping the floor with the Fantastic Four and Namor the Sub-Mariner.)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Nathaniel Richards, time traveller/grand manipulator at-large, tried for years to undermine his great-grandson Hyperstorm's plans after learning the Fantastic Four and many other super-powered beings were destined to disappear from all planes of reality, an event Nathaniel attributed to Hyperstorm (erroniously, in fact, since it was actually Onslaught who had the dubious honor of bringing about "Heroes Reborn"). As a result of Nathaniel's machinations, the Fantastic Four were brought into conflict with Hyperstorm on several occasions.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Futuristic ne'er do-well Zarrko the Tomorrow Man thought striking an alliance with Hyperstorm would finally put him on the side of winners. Of course, Hyperstorm viewed Zarrko as a mere pawn, and did absolutely nothing to help Zarrko after Dr.Doom took over the Tomorrow Man's body (it's a long story, so please don't ask). The Fantastic Four, when they finally found out who Hyperstorm really was, felt some sympathy towards him and tried to reason with him. That didn't stop Hyperstorm from trying to kill them. Not a very gracious fellow, our pal Hyperstorm.
Most Despicable Act: Hyperstorm caused misery and suffering throughout the multiverse in his fanatical quest to bring about absolute peace and harmony. He is so scarred by the horror of his childhood that he believes individual freedom is anathema to true order, giving him the justification to achieve his goals through whatever methods he deems necessary. That includes trying to kill the Fantastic Four, his long-lost family whose memory he claims to cherish. Ah, the endurance of family ties...

by Ben Herman

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