Llan, the Sorcerer

Real Name: Llan
First Appearance: Alpha Flight 71
What's His Problem? He seems to be one of those ever present embodiments of evil who hates humanity. He battles the Talisman every ten thousand years for the future of humanity until the next battle.
Abilities: Llan is a powerful magickal being capable of many things including: opening interdimensional portals, causing fish to rain from the sky, mental manipulation, controlling minor demons and humans, and the standard powerful but vague energy blasts.
Favorite Quote: "Man is capable of evil on his own. He has enough greed and arrogance to choose the dark road over the light. I'll win in the end!" (Alpha Flight 83; having a battle of words with Talisman before he has a battle of magic with her)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Llan's primary opponent was Talisman, who was a member of Alpha Flight. As well as fighting Alpha Flight, he also had to deal with Gamma Flight and Doctor Strange.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad:...But he is bad! Mind you, Llan did trick a young man named Dexter into thinking that he shared Dexter's environmental views, but that was just to gain a human host. Oh, and there were those Dark Elves of Svartalfheim (in Asgard) who worshipped Llan as a god.
Most Despicable Act: When he placed a demon inside a little girl who then went on a murderous spree. After the demon left her body, the young girl died. Second place goes to his last time on earth when he destroyed an entire village just to let the Talisman of that time know he was on earth.

by Kirk Furlotte

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