AKA: The Master of Deceit. The Master of Mischief. The God of Mischief. The God of Evil. The God of Lies. The Lord of Lies. (Sensing a trend here?)
First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery 85.
Powers: Once upon a time, the Norse gods of Asgard were the top of the power heap; Loki could dismiss Galactus with a wave of his hand, and the Silver Surfer couldn't come close to equaling Thor even when his power cosmic was augmented by black magic. Since Stan Lee's day (although Lee still says Thor is the strongest character of all), writers have given those beings with the power cosmic dominion over those beings who are just your basic, run-of-the-mill, nearly-immortal gods. But don't sell Loki short! Being a god, Loki has nearly limitless power on a cosmic scale, and can do things like transplant his mind into other bodies (an ability he's used to usurp Odin's throne once or twice). Being the child of giants, he commands the loyalty of various mythic creatures. Being someone determined to make the most of himself, he has immersed himself in the black arts, becoming a mage of considerable power. Being a bad guy, he still loses to Thor despite all of this!
What's His Problem? Consumed by his jealously of Thor (variously referred to as his half brother or his foster brother; seems to depend on whom is writing), Loki is determined to one day rule Asgard and subjugate Midgard.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Loki just can't stop himself from making mischief for Thor, Odin and the rest of the Asgardians. The Avengers, the Defenders, and the Silver Surfer have at various times refused to be his pawns. In fact, just about every one of Earth's heroes, whether cosmically powered or not, has managed to run foul of Loki at one time or another, leading to the God of Evil formulating his Acts of Vengeance to remove some of these pesky obstacles once and for all.
Favorite Quote: "Know you have made an enemy this day whose reach is as long as his memory...and who prides himself on returning blow for blow, in full measure." (To Alpha Flight and the X-Men, after their refusal of an earthly paradise caused Loki to lose face before Those Who Live Above In Shadow).
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Loki has formed numerous alliances with Balder's lady love Karnilla, not all of which either of them have honored -- okay, treachery plays a big part in almost all of their dealings. Amora's sister Lorilei has at various times found herself attracted to Loki. He himself harbors high hopes of one day winning the favor of Ororo, whom he once turned into a Storm goddess. Odin continues to believe that some miracle will reform his wayward son. And Loki's daughter Hel tolerates him well enough, although she would much rather he stayed the heck out of her realm.
Most Despicable Act: Nothing like a god of mischief to make trouble for other beings, mortal and immortal! Loki has on numerous occasions implemented plans to conquer Asgard, destroy Midgard, kill Thor, or just really, really annoy Odin. Under the guise of reformation, he almost destroyed Alpha Flight and the X-Men. His Acts of Vengeance threw the entire planet into an uproar as evil-doers flagrantly challenged the most powerful heroes Earth had to offer. Although his pride has earned the scorn of Those Who Live Above In Shadow, Loki feels absolutely no remorse for anything he has done. He knows that, eventually, triumph will be his.

Loki Mug Shots!

Journey Into Mystery 88

Thor 191

Avengers 1

Thor 175

Loki usurps Asgard
Hey, watch it with that finger, bub!

Thor 191

Avengers 118

X-men/Alpha Flight 2

Alpha Flight 50

Sound Bytes of Evil

from the 1960s Marvel Super-Heroes

Announcer: "Evil Loki gloats over Thor's imprisonment in the far future."

Loki: "I may never again have such a golden opportunity to destroy my enemy!"
(Loki was a little nasal that day...)

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