Real Name: Charles Little Sky
First Appearance: Avengers 305 as just himself; Darkhawk 5 as Portal.
What's His Problem? Charles Little Sky, Native American and mutant, fled from the elders of his tribe rather than submit to their plans for his future. During a fight that involved the Avengers, Puma and the U-Foes, Charles accessed his powers for the first time. Opening a portal to another dimension, he escaped through it rather than go back to New Mexico and become, as his Shaman demanded, an accountant. (Ah, you thought they wanted to use his awesome powers for some grand scheme involving tribal security? Naw. They already had Puma; what they needed was a high-finance officer for Fireheart Industries!)

Powers: Charles had the mutant ability to open portals and transverse dimensions, although he never knew where the heck he was going to end up. During his transdimensional travels he gained a suit of non-functional Darkhawk-type armor and the ability to use alien technology and weaponry, including a "directional mechanism" that finally gave him control over where his portals took him. He also had an impressive array of other-dimensional do-hickeys, such as Vibra-Pods and Berldundian Wires and Veluvian Lariats and A Freaking Big Alien Gun and the like.
Favorite Quote: "So I came back. So I'm a guy who honors his commitments. Hooray for me." (Darkhawk 43. After deciding the super-hero game isn't for him, Little Sky grumpily goes back to New York anyway. A promise is a promise and all that...)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Since he literally stepped out of thin air in front of one very startled Darkhawk, the two have had a somewhat uneasy, and at times downright testy, relationship. Portal even came close to terminating Darkhawk's human alter-ego Chris Powell once when Powell stepped between Little Sky and his intended prey. When not busy taking over the Daily Bugle, Puma worked on bringing Charles home. The alien Sleepwalker was fascinated by Little Sky's dimension hopping abilities, but Portal considered him to be a rude, selfish sort and avoided him as much as possible. Non-heroes Portal had to deal with included several run-ins with the super-villain team U-Foes. He became a temporary member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants when mind controlled by Sauron. Portal also had the all the Mahari chasing him across the galaxy, since it was one of their race he killed when he obtained the Darkhawk armor.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Eventually Little Sky and Darkhawk reached a truce of sorts; Portal even took over as the local armored vigilante when Darkhawk was off planet (something that make Darkhawk's human alter-ego, Chris Powell, very nervous since he considered Charles to be a loose cannon). His little sister Sylvia thought his alien armor was tres cool, and, once she stopped blaming herself because her son was a mutant, his mom decided having a super-powered being on hand to stop alien invasions wasn't too shabby.
Most Despicable Act: Hard to say, since all he ever did in the Earth dimension was mess up a couple of museums. However, this is the same guy who once told Darkhawk he "only" killed in self-defense -- and frankly, we "only" have his word on that!

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