Real Name: Well, that's hard to say. The demon known as "Satan" in the Marvel Universe admits he stole the name from ... er, someone (or something) else, but he's never acknowledged a previous name of his own. (What, did you think he was that Ultimate Incarnation Of Evil? Naw.)
AKA: At one point when he assumed human form he used "Hellstrom" as a surname. He has lots of other aliases when in demon mode: Eblis, Asmodeus, Baphomet, Maya, Thog, Santannish. At least according to some Defenders issues, Mephisto and Satan are different manifestations of the same demon as well! Other names he is associated with are less evil than one might think...
First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight 5
Died In: Hellstorm, Prince of Lies 16. How "dead" the King of Lies actually is remains to be seen; he may have been reincarnated in Hellstorm 21.
What's His Problem? Like most of the demons in the Marvel Universe, Satan has a major mad-on for humans and humanoids. Exactly why these guys are so bitter is unknown, although it may be because they fear eventually being supplanted by humans.
Favorite Quote: "Return to your human friends, whelp! The sight of you sickens me!" (Defenders 105, to his son Daimon after Daimon flunked demon training.)
Powers: Satan is a pan-dimensional being of immense, immeasurable cosmic and mystical might. Worship by his many followers increases his inhuman capabilities. He can assume human form, be several places at once, and mimic the forms of other demons. Apparently he has the ability to bind souls to his realm, hence the rumors of "Hell" that are bandied about on Earth.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Satan was first seen battling the original Ghost Rider, although his most persistent foe has been his half-human son, Daimon Hellstrom, who eventually destroyed him. Satan faced off against Dr. Strange many times, making Strange's team the Defenders, which Daimon belonged to, a natural target when the demon wanted broad-based revenge against his enemies. Satan has also tormented the Hellcat, Patsy Walker, although she developed enough self-esteem to be able to handle him. While his daughter Satana fought evil in her own way, the two had very limited contact.

People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Not surprisingly, his "other" selves call him "brother" and are willing to help him out whenever he feels the need to annex Earth. Daimon had a glimpse of Satan's Other Face during his time in Hell, but the memory was erased when it became clear Hellstrom couldn't handle the ultimate truth about his father's place in the cosmos.
Most Despicable Act: Geez, what isn't his most despicable act?! Remember who we're talking about here! We probably saw him at his demonic nastiest when he manipulated the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange, into a series of wildly powerful spells that weakened the fabric of reality, allowing Satan and his various incarnations to physically invade Earth (Defenders 92-100). That's not to say he hasn't done lots and lots of nastier things that we haven't seen!

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