The Scatter

First Appearance: Force Works 1
What's Their Problem? The Scatter may appear to be just another weird race of aliens, but don't be fooled. Those bodies you see are actually just colonies for the real Scatter, which are carnivorous insects. They like to go around eating up races around the universe following the evil being known as Lore finishing off the worlds she destroyed for a meal. Eventually, they picked up the (future) Force Worker known as Century as their guide. While working as their guide, he accidentally transported to earth (a result of the Scarlet Witch's hex power) and led them here.

Abilities: The Scatter are extremely intelligent, designing and building transpatial warp technology as well as their host forms. They also appear to have some psionic abilities as Spider-Woman's psi-web easily transmitted their thoughts to her (not a common occurrence, I assure you).
Weapons: The Scatter host bodies are exceptionally strong, armed with sharp claws and durable exteriors. The bodies are also designed with energy weapons of an unknown type.
Favorite Quote: The Scatter never learned to bother English, but there was a nice quote about them: "Their origin is unknown. Obviously they come from an utterly alien facet of dimensional space. Their speed, strength and reflexes are appreciably beyond human. Their claws can cut through tempered steel. Their bodies are armored in a chitinous/metal alloy compatible to titanium. These body shells are actually host structures for communities of insectoid parasites. Even rudimentary communication with them is out of the question. They are impossible to reason with. And they'll be here in 72 hours." (Iron Man, Force Works 3)
Heroes They Keep Running Into: The Scatter first popped up at the site of a battle between the Kree StarStealth commandoes against the recently formed Force Works and Avengers Vision and the Black Widow. Force Works were finally able to repel the Scatter invasion, but there were a few refugees left here on earth.
People Who Think They're Not So Bad: Well, Century didn't know better for a while there, so he didn't seem to mind working for them. Of course, once hit by the Scarlet Witch's hex, and once some of his warrior programming kicked in, he was ready to fight them to the death.
Most Despicable Act: As if destroying untold numbers of worlds throughout known (and unknown) space wasn't bad enough, the Scatter can't even let their victims rest in peace. They open a wormhole to their next meal planet and transport the remains of the last planet to the next, destroying any resistance.

by Kirk Furlotte

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