The Super-Skrull

Real Name: Kl'rt
AKA: Bobby Wright. Captain Hero. Iron Fist.
First Appearance: Fantastic Four 18
What's His Problem? Kl'rt, a commander in the Skrull military, was given the honor of becoming an augmented super-soldier by then-Skrull Emperor Dorrek, created for the purpose of defeating the Fantastic Four. So far, mind you, he hasn't had much success, and he's become almost an embarrassment to the Skrulls, but he keeps trying...
Powers: In addition to the usual Skrull shapechanging abilities and his own hypnotic gaze, Kl'rt also possesses the powers of the Fantastic Four: Mr. Fantastic's stretching ability, the Thing's super strength, the Human Torch's command of flame, and the Invisible Woman's manifold invisibility and force-field-generating powers. Kl'rt can also form a reasonable approximation of Danny Rand's Iron Fist by combining his Torch and Thing capabilites, hence his impersonation of Rand when he had amnesia--editor Jeanne. Initially, his powers were supposed to match those of the FF, and they came from a beam that was directed from a satellite around the Skrull sun. He has since been augmented to the point where he doesn't need the beam and his powers are actually greater than those of the FF (for example, he can flame on in space, which the Torch cannot do; of course, no one should be able to, since space is a vacuum, but it's one of those cosmic, science-defying powers that most of the cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe have that we should just sit back and accept and not question if we know what's good for us, so there, nyah, nyah).
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Initially, just the Fantastic Four, but since then he's sparred with most of the Marvel universe, ranging from Spider-Man to Sasquatch to Ms. Marvel to Captain Mar-Vell to the Sub-Mariner to the Hulk to the Silver Surfer and back again. He's even managed to annoy Iron Fist, someone he didn't actually meet but did impersonate for a time.
Favorite Quote: "And should any 'super heroes' interfere, I will destroy them as well, or die in the attempt! I no longer fear death, Whitmore--my place in Val'kla'mor will be secure, for I shall go to the Eternal battle as a true Skrull warrior! Should I die tonight, it will be with my eyes open, with the honor of the Skrull beating in my heart ... and with your lifeless corpse in my hands!" ("Spider-Man Super Thriller: Warrior's Revenge," wherein the Super-Skrull gets his dander up.)
Favorite Quote from Someone Talking To Him: "Correct me if my memory deserts me, Kl'rt, but I recall that you have, at various times, promised to deliver the 'cooling corpses,' as you put it, of the Silver Surfer, the Kree captain Mar-Vell, and the accursed Fantastic Four, among the many enemies of the Empire. I am still waiting." (The Skrull Empress, also from "Warrior's Revenge," succinctly summing up the Super-Skrull's career in 75 words or less.)

People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Well, he joined up with another Skrull named Skragg when he served Thanos, but it was hard to judge how friendly they were, given that they spent all their time beating up on Mar-Vell and Rick Jones. Dorrek liked him enough to give him the augmentations in the first place, but his numerous failures have put him in the doghouse of Dorrek and both his successors. The Super-Skrull teamed up with Master Khan, but once their elaborate plan to off Iron Fist seemed to succeed, Khan betrayed his partner and teleported him to the Van Allen asteriod belts. Beyond that -- well, nobody seems to like old buddy Kl'rt that much, really...
Most Despicable Act: Alpha Flight 9-10. The brutal murder of the entire staff of an Arctic research base. Especially despicable since they, for all intents and purposes, rescued him from being a stream of energy particles in orbit. (The guy just has no sense of gratitude.)

by Keith R.A. DeCandido

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