The Advisor

Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: War Machine 1
What's His Problem? He seems to have a big problem understanding such things as freedom, rights of individuals, and peace in general. He does believe however, that slaughter (preferrably of innocents) is needed to makes himself all the more powerful. He's claimed to have masters for whom he is trying to "restore the natural order of things," not that he needs the help. His power grows with every futile death and senseless act of violence so he certainly wants to promote such acts. And frankly, he just plain enjoys it all.
Abilities: Besides being a first class manipulator? Well, he's shown the ability to stand up to War Machine's repulsor blasts (which could easily level a large building), phased, played with fire and astral projection. He rarely seems to involve himself personally but he did demonstrate the ability to use a machine gun with some skill.
Weapons: I'm afraid that to the Advisor, people themselves are his weapons.
Favorite Quote: His talk with Vincent Cetawayo, a noted humanitarian, shortly before the Advisor killed him in War Machine 4 is unforgettable as it shows his true malicious nature: "We're doing more than killing you... We're going to negate you."
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: While he started out at odds with War Machine, he's also had to deal with the likes of Deathlok, Cable, Hawkeye and USAgent. Each and everyone of them was somehow drawn in by his plotting.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: No doubt the Advisor makes friends with many of the people he helps establish in power (like former military dictator Eda Arul) but it's inevitable that he'll turn on them to cause more death and mayhem.
Most Despicable Act: Organizing the destruction of an entire country just to mimimize the impact of the murder of one lone humanitarian strikes me as being pretty blatantly despicable. And let's not forget he's alleged that he was involved in any number of other catastrophes.

by Kirk Furlotte

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