The Steel Serpent

Real Name: Davos
AKA: Davos was mis-named "Davros" in Power Man and Iron Fist. Guess Danny wasn't paying very close attention to who, exactly, was tearing his soul out...
First Appearance: Iron Fist 1
What's His Problem? The son of Iron Fist's trainer Lei Kung the Thunderer, Davos illegally tried to tackle the legendary dragon Shou-Lao the Undying after losing a contest to Wendall Rand-Kai for the right to do so. Failing to defeat the beast, he was left scarred, humiliated and was ultimately banished from K'un Lun for his disobedience. When Wendall's half-breed son, Danny Rand-Kai, successfully wrested the power from the heart of the dragon, Davos took this as a personal affront and vowed to destroy the man who now claimed the title of the Iron Fist, protector of K'un Lun.
Powers: Davos is the equal of Iron Fist in martial arts skills, and rather more sneaky than Danny. In addition, his confrontation with Shou-Lao left him with a partial, albeit ineffectual, iron fist of his own. He and Danny share enough of a psychic bond for Davos to be able to estimate Rand's physical well-being from a distance, although the link seems to be one way as Danny doesn't sense the Steel Serpent before he strikes.
Favorite Quote: "We're like brothers, he and I -- two sides of the same coin -- except that he is all I'd hoped to be ... all that is denied me forever. He is the Iron Fist, and for that, I am going to kill him." (Iron Fist 4; Davos explains his motivations to his employer, Danny Rand's business rival Joy Meachum).
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Davos tracked Iron Fist to New York, where after initially-successful confrontations with the K'un Lun Kid he was soundly trashed and apparently atomized when he couldn't control the immense power of Shou Lao. Resurfacing in Iron Fist's limited series, he once again experienced initial physical victory, but proved no match for Danny's great heart and spirit.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Joy Meachum hired him as her bodyguard, and defended him to her uncle, although she was inclined to snap at him if he questioned her orders. The Thunderer repeatedly tried to intercede with his head-strong son, and never uttered a word of reproach when Davos broke the laws of K'un Lun to face Shou Lao.
Most Despicable Act: Davos' single-minded pursuit of the Iron Fist, first in the form of the dragon that held the power, then in the form of the human who wielded it, has lead him to twice rip Danny's "chi" out of his body, dooming Rand to a slow, soul-less death. Both times Danny has reclaimed his soul along with the power of the Iron Fist ... but third time's the charm ...

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