Members: Arachne (Dr Sylvie Yaqua), Therak (Theo), and Antro (Hashi Noto)
First Appearance: Avengers West Coast 82
What's Their Problem? Well, basically, they die if they don't do as their boss the Manipulator tells them. When they became super-human beings based on rare chemicals and spider venoms their injections were spiked so that they must recieve a regular treatment of an antidote.


Weapons: All three members of Death-Web use an artificial venom as a weapon. This lethal venom causes swelling, bloating and discolouration of the skin.

Favorite Quote:

Heroes They Keeps Running Into: While they first threw down with the Avengers West Coast (aided by Spider-Man) their main interest is actually Spider-Woman, whom they messed with one too many times.

People Who Think They're Not So Bad: Well, even the Manipulator who used them as his lackies didn't like them very much. And they certainly didn't like each other tons.
Most Despicable Act: Holding Spider-Woman's daughter as a hostage to coerce her into killing Spider-Man and then joining them. And then doing pretty much the same thing again!

by Kirk Furlotte

Death-Web Mug Shots!

West Coast Avengers 84

Death-Web makes
an entrance!

Spider-Woman 3

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