Real Name: Franklin Hall
First appearance: Avengers 158
What's His Problem? After a freak accident gave him the power to control gravity, scientist Franklin Hall dubbed himself Graviton and used his powers to turn a research facility into his own little island in the sky, complete with a female colleague as his unwilling queen. When the Avengers came to the rescue, Hall easily subdued them with his powers but suffered a self-defeating breakdown when his chosen mate tried to kill herself rather than remain his slave. Graviton has since recovered, and his fatal attraction to power has pitted him against the Avengers time and again.
Powers: Graviton can mentally manipulate the particles of gravitational force for which he is named, increasing or decreasing the force of gravity on any person or object, or applying that force in more complex ways for flight, manipulation of objects and force fields. In effect, he is one of the most powerful humans on Earth.
Favorite Quote: "The fundamental forces of the cosmos are mine to command! I am gravity's master! Nothing can resist my power!" (West Coast Avengers (LS) 4. A taste of typical Graviton humility.)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: The Avengers have managed to defeat Graviton several times, usually by outsmarting him. He has also battled Thor, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Gravity may be an irresistible force, but the egomaniacal Graviton isn't nearly as attractive. He's had various criminal allies, but no real friends -- he even murdered his one-time benefactor, The Blank, on a whim. He did have the hots for Avengers member Tigra, and she half-reciprocated for a while, but she wasn't in her right mind at the time and ultimately turned on him.
Most Despicable Act: Graviton is into heavy mass destruction with attendant loss of life, but one of his meaner moments of petty cruelty came in West Coast Avengers (LS) 3-4 when Tigra, Wonder Man and the Shroud infiltrated his lair and Grav's accomplice, The Blank, failed to subdue them. An exasperated Graviton sent Tigra, Shroud and Blank flying out to their presumed deaths at sea and held Wonder Man at the bottom of a pool for hours thereafter so he could enjoy watching him drown. All but Blank escaped death, but not for lack of trying on Graviton's part.

by Sean McQuaid

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