Kang the Conquerer

AKA: Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, possibly Immortus and even, maybe, perhaps ... Dr. Doom!
First Appearance: As Kang, Avengers 8, after a previous appearance in Fantastic Four 19 as Rama Tut.
Died In: Avengers 143 when he destroyed himself rather than lose to Thor. Since he's a time traveler, though, he still manages to show up every now and again. He can even die again when the storyline calls for it, as at least three Kangs did in Avengers 267-269.
What's His Problem? Born in a peaceful 30th century Earth, Kang was bored to tears. He began time traveling looking for adventure, which eventually evolved into a quest for utter dominance of the planet through-out all time. This can get very confusing. Since time-travel spawns alternate time-lines, Kang is constantly bumping into himself. There is even a Council of Kangs, where all the Kangs who have survived the various pitfalls of being Kang meet and plot.
Abilities: Kang has no super-powers but, being from the technologically advanced 30th century, and with the ability to abscond with the technology of any century, he doesn't really need super-powers. His armor can withstand blows from Thunder Gods and synthezoids. His largely incomprehensible weaponry is beyond the most sophisticated designs of Stark Enterprises or Dr. Doom. He is a master of robotics. The Kang of our own time-line, however, is the only one with even a glimmer of a sense of humor (and a tiny glimmer it is at that!)
Favorite Quote: "(Expletives Deleted!)" From Giant Sized Avengers 2. As you can probably tell, the time line then was the United States in the early 1970s!
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Kang's first mis-adventure was against the Fantastic Four during his earliest incarnation of Rama Tut. When in his Kang the Conqueror guise, he is primarily a foe of the Avengers. The most epic battles between Kang and Avengers occurred during his search for the Celestial Madonna, when he kidnapped all the female members to try to determine which one was the Madonna. Although at least one Kang eventually achieved the ultimate goal of marrying the Madonna, there is no indication that theirs was a happy union...
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Kang has had occasion to team up with Dr. Doom, although the partnership is always wary and replete with treachery (which is to be expected, since there is some evidence that Doom is actually Kang's younger self). Ravonna, Kang's love from the 41st century, sacrificed herself for him but, when given a second chance at life, chose Immortus over the Conquerer of Time.
Most Despicable Act: Depends on which Kang you're talking about! One blew up Avengers Mansion using a nuclear weapon; others have meddled with time rifts and annexed entire centuries. I still think he was at his ruthless best when he kidnapped the Scarlet Witch, Mantis and Agatha Harkness, determined to make whichever of them happened to be the Celestial Madonna marry him, no matter what the lady herself might want. That spells 'cad' in any era!

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