Master Khan

Real Name: Seems to be some confusion here. He starts out as Khan, then switches to Kahn, then back over to Khan, then met his doom as Kahn... (Is there a continuity editor in the house? Oh, wait--this is Marvel. I withdraw the question.)
AKA: Tyrone King. Bobby Wright's Guardian.
First Appearance: Marvel Premiere 22, in a flash-back as his servant the Ninja recalls his own origin. Khan assumed the identity of police detective Tyrone King late in the Power Man and Iron Fist run, and preceded to wreck havoc by enticing Misty Knight away from her beau Danny Rand. Had Khan looked a bit closer at "Danny," however, he might have noticed a bit of a green tinge that was not due to jealousy...
Died In: Master "Kahn" was killed by the Sub-Mariner in Namor 33. Where Master Khan was, hey, who knows...
What's His Problem? To hear Khan tell it, he was just minding his own business back in an ancient feudal kingdom, busy plying his trade as the world's oldest living sorcerer, when an Evil Ruler tried to enlist his aid in a Nefarious Scheme by torturing members of Khan's family. When Khan's daughter died under the torture, Khan simply stopped caring about much of anything and just set out to do some damage to the King, the King's descendants, and who-ever else got in the way of his vengeance. What Khan leaves out of his tragic little tale, however, is that his long life was bought with eons of blood sacrifices in the other-dimensional city of K'un Lun, and that the eternal, bitter war between the humans, the intelligent plant race called the H'yulthri, and the ever-prowling wolves was devised to provide him with that blood.
Powers: A sorcerer of the first rank on earth, Khan is a god (perhaps even the god) in K'un Lun, where he seems to be especially powerful. He often needs focusing objects, usually crystalline, to concentrate his power or to act as dimensional portals between K'un Lun, Earth, and another mysterious dimension he and the Ninja like to hang out in. He also has the standard arsenal of mystic weapons, such as the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, at his disposal.
Favorite Quote: "There's no need to be undignified about this." (Power Man and Iron Fist 75; Khan is shocked when the out-worlder Power Man dares lay hands upon his deified person).
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: When Danny Rand-Kai slew the dragon of K'un Lun to become the Iron Fist, he unwittingly got on Khan's bad side by removing a major source of mystical power from that fabled land -- and the major vehicle for getting K'un Lun's young men to sacrifice their life's blood. Khan hatched elaborate scheme after elaborate scheme to retrieve the Heart of the Dragon from Danny, each one of which Danny (who was somewhat protected from Khan because of the Iron Fist's energy-absorption properties), Power Man and the Daughters of the Dragon managed to circumvent. Khan eventually became so obsessed with destroying Iron Fist and all those about him that little else mattered to him. He punished Namor with memory loss because the Sub-Mariner was instrumental in Iron Fist's return to earth, which tee'd Namor off so much that he crushed Khan', "Kahn's" in that issue...skull with his bare hands.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Danny himself has unwittingly invoked Khan a time or two when he called on "the gods of K'un Lun." Khan's powerful enforcer, the Ninja, remained at his beck and call even after being freed from a spell that bound him to Khan. The majority of the populace of K'un Lun continues to worship Khan, although Danny's uncle, the Yü-Ti, had harsh words for his god once or twice.
Most Despicable Act: Setting up an entire dimension -- complete with a dragon, intelligent plants, worshipping humans willing to die to achieve honor -- to feed his blood lust. Sometimes even immortality claims too high a price.

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