The Manipulator

Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: Avengers West Coast 85
What's His Problem? No one is quite sure. He might want to take over the United States, but who knows? He likes warping people's minds, so he could just be manipulating everyone into thinking that!
Abilities: The Manipulator's name is pretty self-explanatory. He is literally able to manipulate people, from controlling their bodies (i.e., causing a coughing fit or a heart attack) to plain ol' playing on their emotions. And don't forget that he is a highly intelligent planner/strategist. He also has an arsenal of communications equipment, and may have a teleportation device. His armor is capable of lessening impacts. Oddly enough, he carries smoke pellets with him -- just in case his manipulations fail, I suppose.
Favorite Quote: "Outraged mother-hood plus super-powers -- a formidable combination, even by my meticulous standards!" (Avengers West Coast 86)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Oh, man; did he ever make the mistake of messing with Spider-Woman one too many times! On the way, he was unfortunate enough to tussle with the Avengers West Coast and Spider-Man.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: No one likes this guy. Would you like someone who is known for his reputation of manipulating people?? He keeps his lackies, the super-villain group Death-Web, on a short leash. He even turned on his supposed employers, the Conclave.
Most Despicable Act: Ranking pretty high is the Manipulator's kidnapping of Spider-Woman's daughter, Rachel, to force Spider-Woman into an attempt on Spider-Man's life, during which time he killed Spider-Woman's ex-husband. Also up there is his method of keeping control of Death-Web; they will die from the very serum which gives them their powers unless he gives them a weekly injection.

by Kirk Furlotte

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