Megalomaniac Types

If you need a take-charge kinda guy, this is the place to look! Some require entire planets to dominate; some are happy with mere cities. Whether their agenda is criminal or political, they have one thing in common; the craving for ultimate power!

World Conquerors and Would-Be Despots


Dr. Doom

Fu Manchu

The Headmen

Kulan Gath

The Leader


The Maestro


The Mandarin

The Master of the World

Maximus the Mad

Crime Lords and Cartel Leaders

Phillippe Bazin

Count Nefaria

Deadly Ernest

The Folding Circle

The Kingpin

The Merely Power-Mad

Baron Mordo

Dr. Druid

The Living Monolith

The Mad Thinker

The Presence

The Salem Seven

Nicholas Scratch

Silver Dagger

The Steel Serpent

The U-foes

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