The Masters of Evil

First appearance: Avengers 6
Masters of Evil Roll Call: Baron Heinrich Zemo, Black Knight, Melter, Radioactive Man, Enchantress, Executioner, Ultron, Klaw, Whirlwind, Egghead, Moonstone, Scorpion, Tiger Shark, Beetle, Shocker, Baron Helmut Zemo, Absorbing Man, Blackout, Bulldozer, Fixer, Goliath, Grey Gargoyle, Mr. Hyde, Piledriver, Screaming Mimi, Thunderball, Titiana, Wrecker, Yellowjacket, Doctor Octopus, Gargantua, Jackhammer, Oddball, Powderkeg, Puff Adder, Crimson Cowl, Cyclone, Flying Tiger and Man-Killer. (Whew!)
What's Their Problem? Arguably the world's first major ongoing alliance of super-criminals, the Masters of Evil have regrouped several times under several different leaders over the years--but their primary goals remain the same: the pursuit of criminal gain, and the assurance of that goal through the destruction of the Avengers. There have been six incarnations of the group to date, led by Heinrich Zemo, Ultron, Egghead, Helmut Zemo, Doctor Octopus and the Crimson Cowl, respectively. The Cowl's group remains at large. The first, second, third and fifth Masters teams are all disbanded, but Helmut Zemo's Masters (the fourth MOE) went underground and assumed a new guise as the celebrated super-heroic Thunderbolts team, amassing resources and good will until such time as they were ready to conquer the trusting world that has come to adore them.
Favorite Quote: "With our combined powers, we are the Masters of Evil...We can accomplish anything!" (Black Knight, Avengers 6)
Heroes They Keep Running Into: The Masters' traditional enemies are the Avengers, but they've also been beaten by the Lady Liberators and the Guardians of the Galaxy. (Moral: stay away from alliterative super-teams!) The current Masters have run afoul of their predecessors, the Thunderbolts, who regard the latest Masters as cheap pretenders to their title.
People Who Think They're Not So Bad: They're the Masters of freakin' Evil, for cryin' out loud! Everyone thinks they're bad!
Most Despicable Act: The Masters' exploits include bringing most of New York to a standstill with Zemo's Adhesive X (Avengers 6); capturing the Avengers and holding them for ransom (Avengers 54-55); and framing Henry Pym as their supposed leader (Avengers 228-229). Still, they truly lived up to their name when they captured Avengers Mansion under Baron Zemo II (Avengers 273-277). They trashed the place, destroyed the Avengers' personal belongings and brutally tortured the occupants--even faithful Avengers butler Jarvis!

by Sean McQuaid

Masters of Evil Mug Shots!

Avengers 7

Avengers 222

Avengers 277

Some Evil Sound Bytes!

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Baron Zemo: "My Emissaries of Evil will not dare fail me. I must have my revenge!"
(Apparently having a purple hood stuck over his face made the original Baron Zemo forget that his group was the Masters of Evil; the Emissaries of Evil were headed up by Electro!)

Iron Man: "Cap, you're free!" Thor: "Now we must strike back at the Masters of Evil!" Captain America: "Easy, Thor."

Announcer: "Meanwhile, the next Master of Evil performs his task on foot!"

Melter: "You must defeat all the Masters of Evil; which is impossible!"

Announcer: "Whatever their fate, one thing is certain -- mankind has been saved from the Masters of Evil."

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