The Ninja

Real Name: Never revealed
AKA: In his samurai days, the other warriors called him "death." He took that as a compliment. Then he killed the lot of 'em. (I'd hate to see how he reacted to an insult!)
First Appearance: Marvel Premiere 17
What's His Problem? The Ninja started out as a samurai, switched to being a shadow warrior, but craved more power than mere martial arts could bring to him. He was tutored in magic by Master Khan. Studying the Sacred Volume of Kali, the Ninja learned of the immortal city of K'un Lun and decided to make K'un Lun his first foray into inter-dimensional conquest. The Ninja's surprise attack brought him initial success ... until he ran into Lei Kung the Thunderer and suffered defeat. As punishment, the Dragon Lords of K'un Lun imprisoned him within the Sacred Volume. Fearing that destruction of the book meant destruction of his own soul, the Ninja became the unwillingly protector of the text. Although his body was trapped, he could send his spirit into the owner of the book, temporarily endowing the host with all of his physical and mystic powers. Thus when Colleen Wing's father Professor Lee Wing came into possession of the book, he became occasionally possessed himself. The Ninja ruthlessly used the aged academic whenever he perceived a threat to the Sacred Text, resulting in an uneasy alliance with Iron Fist against the Kara-Kai cult and other enemies. When the book was accidentally burned, the Ninja's physical form separated from Professor Wing's body, leading the Ninja to realize he'd wasted a century or two guarding his own prison. The Ninja then whisked Danny Rand into another dimension where his strength was maximized; alas, he reckoned without Danny's own mystical Iron Fist, which imploded the Ninja once it connected. Left a mere shade of his former self, the Ninja became the silent enforcer of Master Khan -- which may have been Khan's plan all along.

Powers: His mastery of the duel disciplines of samurai and ninja made the Ninja one of the greatest martial artists on the planet; some of Danny Rand's allies thought the Ninja's skills surpassed those of Iron Fist. The Ninja also commanded the dark arts. Truly a shadow warrior, the Ninja traversed between dimensions by literally disappearing into patches of darkness. He even had his own personal dimension to relax in.
Favorite Quote: "Confess killing, you old fool? I revel in it! Of course I killed Harold Meachum!" (Marvel Premiere 22. The Ninja cheerfully acknowledges responsibility for a murder the police thought Danny Rand had committed.)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: The Ninja kept most of his personal enmity for Yu-Ti, Iron Fist, and other residents of K'un Lun, blaming the entire city for an imprisonment that may well have been orchestrated by Master Khan. His possession of Professor Wing brought the Ninja into conflict with Colleen Wing, the Professor's daughter. Martial artist Bob Diamond, a former Son of the Tiger, nearly died during his confrontation with the Ninja. Power Man had little patience for the Ninja or others of his ilk; Cage never could stand all that sneaking around.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: The Ninja is bad to his ephemeral bones, which is why Master Khan keeps him around.
Most Despicable Act: The Ninja is a professional killer so "despicable acts" are his stock in trade. Probably the lowest he ever sank was killing the wheel-chair bound Harold Meachum after the vengeance-minded Iron Fist balked at doing the deed himself.

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