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The Grim Reaper

Real Name: Eric Williams
First Appearance: Avengers 52
Died In: The Vision and Scarlet Witch (v. 2) 2, although it took him the whole rest of the mini-series (about 10 issues) to realize it!
What's His Problem? After his brother Simon, AKA Wonder Man, appeared to die during a battle with the Avengers, Eric was consumed by the need for vengeance. He developed an obsessive interest in the Vision, since the synthezoid's personality was based on Wonder Man's brain waves. When Wonder Man was resurrected, the Grim Reaper had an identity crisis. He couldn't determine which of the two heroes embodied the spirit of his brother. He eventually decided that Simon and the Vision were each unliving entities based on his brother's template, and tried to destroy them both. When Simon forced him to see the truth, the Grim Reaper literally went over the edge.
Abilities: Despite having no super-powers of his own, the Reaper's determination and ingenuity gave the Avengers major grief several times. (Ah, for the good ol' days when a non-powered costumed maniac could hold a team that included Thor at bay...but I digress...) Before donning the Grim Reaper's mantle, Eric was apparently a member of the maggia, although what his mob duties were isn't clear.
Weapons: The scythe Eric used was designed by the Tinkerer. It was capable of generating various electromagnetic currents that could blow holes through walls or, after it was modified by Ultron, stun a room full of super-heroes into unconsciousness.
Favorite Quote: "I am not on trial here! I will not be replaced!" (Avengers 163, after the Vision declared he was closer to being Simon Willaim's brother than Eric ever would be.)

Heroes He Kept Running Into: His obsession with the Vision led to numerous confrontations with both the synthezoid and the Scarlet Witch. After Simon's resurrection, Eric and Wonder Man butted heads several times.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: His girlfriend Nekra liked him enough to keep Eric's unliving body around even after he plunged to his death. It took him quite a while to discover he wasn't alive. He was not a happy camper when he found out!
Most Despicable Act: Hassling the Scarlet Witch when she was pregnant. Tacky, even for a zombie.
What's the Grim Reaper Been Up To Lately? Despite his terminal state, Eric keeps busy. He continues to stalk the Vision and the other Avengers, and dropped by to visit Wonder Man before Simon's series was cancelled. His unliving condition requires a fresh supply of blood every now and again, so all non-enhanced humans are advised to avoid him!

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