Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: Wonder Man 4
What's His Problem? Splice came to Hollywood as an actor. When he got fired from his job on a sitcom by an 11-year-old, he found a "more dignified job" as Hollywood's premiere assassin.
Abilities: Not only is Splice extremely agile, an excellent martial artist, and an expert marksman, he's also quite funny and is a talented actor. At least, he says he's a talented actor.
Weapons: While Splice has no natural super powers, he does use a wide variety of weapons. His armor, which is constructed of Vibranium mesh and thus protects him from most impacts, has hydraulics in the legs allowing him to jump considerable distances. His weapons of choice are his wrist mounted blades but he also uses throwing blades. And finally, there is his wide variety of specialized exploding pellets, including shockwave, gas, electro-shock, and ion damper pellets.
Favorite Quote: "I'm the last step in the production of your life." (Wonder Man 4. Spoken as he tossed Wondy a business card right before trying to asassinate him. That's Hollywood for ya!)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Splice only really battled Avengers' mainstay Wonder Man. Oh yes, and Wondy's back-up squad, the Crazy 8 (just don't ask).
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Probably the only person who did like him was Lotus, his employer; the two of them were pretty cozy. He didn't even get along with fellow super-mercenary, Rampage.
Most Despicable Act: While responsible for an unknown number of slayings, one of his most despicable acts would have to be his first attempted slaying of Alex Flores. She stumbled upon him after he had knocked Wondy out and, just for the fun of it, chased her down and was going to kill her.She ended up giving him the shock of his life! editor Jeanne

by Kirk Furlotte

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