System Crash

Members: Bitmap, Infomorph, Steel Collar, Killobyte, Technospike, and Wirehead.
First Appearance: DareDevil 326
What's Their Problem? A group of computer hackers labeled "pirates" by the government, System Crash allowed themselves to be cybernetically enhanced by HYDRA to get revenge on the system that condemned them. Many members of System Crash were in it for money or anarchy, but one of them, Steel Collar, was able to find his lost humanity and eventually turned against this former teammates.
Powers: Steel Collar is an almost completely mechanical killing machine who gets very testy when people call him a robot. Wirehead is locked into his own "virtual reality" that he uses to affect the "real" world. Infomorph can shapeshift into anyone she "reads" and "processes." Bitmap is a dwarf who can release deadly "infoweb" netting. Killobyte carries a plasma-powered staff, and Technospike can fry computers or people with electric tentacles.
Heroes They Keep Running Into: System Crash butted heads with Daredevil as they attempted to throw New York into techno-anarchy, in the process almost incidently tripping over Iron Fist and Gambit. They also battled Captain America, and came closd to turning Cap and DareDevil against each other.
People Who Don't Think They're So Bad: System Crash willingly took orders from Baron Strucker (or at least an LMD of him). Some members of the team befriended Spectrum Sinclair, a young hacker who sympathized with their cause but drew the line at murder. Sinclair was able to get Steel Collar to abandon his HYDRA masters and stop them from crashing the entire federal government's computer system, at the cost of his own life.
Most Despicable Act: System Crash caused many innocent deaths due to their technological terrorism, all of which was part of HYDRA's plan to turn the public against the government in general and New York super-heroes in particular.

by Bobby Coakley

Steel Collar and Infomorph


Bitmap, Technospike, and Killobyte

System Crash Mug Shots

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