Real name: David Cannon.
First appearance: Tales to Astonish 50 as Human Top II; Avengers 46 as The Whirlwind.
What's His Problem? A mutant with an unusual talent for spinning at high speeds, David Cannon exploited his gift over the years as a schoolyard bully, petty thief, pro wrestler, circus performer and ice skater. When he was warned to be wary of the police, Cannon expressed his scorn for the law by embarking on a career as the flamboyant costumed thief called the Human Top. Thwarted by the adventurers Giant-Man (Hank Pym) and the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), Cannon became obsessed with revenge on them and assumed a more menacing guise as the Whirlwind, attacking them and their fellow Avengers repeatedly in the years that followed. The elusive Whirlwind even went so far as to establish a longtime double identity as Van Dyne's chauffeur, Charles. He was eventually exposed by Pym, though not before Cannon developed a perverse love-hate fascination with the Wasp that went far beyond the standard adversarial relationship.
Favorite Quote: "Given enough momentum, I can fly--and given my whirling buzz saws, you can die!" (West Coast Avengers 16. The surprisingly poetic Whirlwind threatens the happy-go-lucky Hellcat, who prevails with the aid of fellow cat-gal Tigra.)
Powers: The Whirlwind's unique specialty is his talent for spinning at superhuman speed, although he is no slouch at moving in a straight line. He can probably achieve speeds close to that of sound, and once even outraced Quicksilver to escape a crime scene. His reflexes and reaction time are near-instantaneous. His sense of balance is visually dependent, and allows him to maintain his equilibrium at all times, making him immune to vertigo or common dizziness. He can see, hear, speak and think without difficulty while spinning at hundreds of revolutions per minute, and can even perform complex tasks like changing his clothing. While spinning, Whirlwind revolves so quickly that he becomes a near-invisible blur. Virtually nothing can touch him; most people and objects are repelled by the centrifugal force if they try to impede his motion. Whirlwind's agility and maneuverability are such that he can usually twist and turn to avoid any obstacles. He can also create miniature wind tunnels capable of sucking in or blowing away people and objects as large as automobiles; a jet stream powerful enough to blast holes through concrete; or windscreens able to repel most projectiles. Whirlwind can also spin quickly enough to bear himself aloft and fly like a helicopter for short distances. In addition, Whirlwind's body armor protects him from most high-speed impacts, while his wrist saw blades can slice through virtually anything.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Whirlwind is obsessed with destroying Hank Pym and Pym's former wife and partner, the Wasp. Since Pym and the Wasp are founding members of the Avengers, Whirlwind has frequently battled that team both alone and with the Masters of Evil. Whirlwind has also fought Captain America, and once incurred the wrath of the Defenders as part of a super-villainous horde impersonating that team while looting New York.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Not much of anyone, really. Whirlwind's a craven, self-centered, sadistic jerk. (Don't forget egotistical; he's convinced the Wasp is secretly in love with him! editor got-to-get-her-two-cents-in Jeanne)Even his old Masters of Evil colleagues are wary of him since he botched his last two stints with the group. Moreover, to paraphrase Daffy Duck, he's a mutant bent on self-preservation: Whirlwind is prone to fleeing losing battles, even if it means abandoning his partners.
Most Despicable Act: Whirlwind's a pretty cowardly cuss, but he hit a new low when he stalked the Wasp as she lay dying in a hospital bed (Avengers 139). Other dastardly deeds include trapping Pym and the Wasp in an ant farm rigged to explode (Avengers 46), and demoralizing Hank Pym to the point of suicide (West Coast Avengers 16-17).

by Sean McQuaid

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