Real name: Yvette (last name unrevealed)
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue (no visible pupils)
Hair: Red
Other Features: Penance has red skin
Strength level: Penance possesses the normal human strength of a girl of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.
Other aliases: Penance, Penny
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student
Legal status: Unknown
Place of birth: Unknown
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: None

History: Little is known about the mutant known as Penance, save that she was found by the aborigine
known as Gateway as a prisoner of the criminal Emplate. Gateway then brought Penance to the newly reopened Massachusetts Academy, saying only the word "Penance" when encountered by Banshee and the members of Generation X. Penance was soon admitted as a member of Generation X.

Some time after her arrival, the Massachusetts Academy was attacked by Emplate and his group the New Hellions, who wanted to take Penance back with them. When Emplate was about to kill Banshee, Penance betrayed Emplate and attacked him, forcing him to flee. Emplate called her "Yvette," giving an indication that he knows about her past. Whether Emplate will reveal this information remains to be seen.
It was late revealed by, "The Twins," that Penance was the prison form of Monet. Emplate trapped her there when she refused to join him. The twins used they're powers to put themselves together and form a version of Monet to make up for her disappearance. They finally put themselves together, and freed the real Monet, trapping themselves inside of Penance.
Later, the twins somehow where pulled out of Penance, and she collapsed. It was then belived that Penny was just an empty shell, and could not live without someone else inside of her. So they buried her. But she came back alive, and dug herself out, and proceeded to roam around the woods by the Intitute. Generation X, upon learning of this, set out, and retrieved her. She carved 'Home' in a tree, letting them know she wanted to go home. Penny now is a full fledged member of Generation X.

Known superhuman powers: Penance is a mutant whose molecular structure has atrophied, collapsing within itself until every part of her body now has the density of diamond. This leaves every edge of her body, including hair and fingers, sharp enough to be capable of cutting through stone. Her dense body also leaves Penance highly resistant to physical injury, and anyone striking Penance without protection will probably cause injury to themself.
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