I remember the first time I went online to look for X-men stuff.  I typed in Rogue, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Logan, Ororo Monroe, Kitty Pryde, and Remy Lebeau and you get over a hundred sights dedicated to each one.  Each sight wonderfully stocked with information as well as pictures.  But then I started thinking.  What about those characters that weren't main ones in the comics.  What about Rahne Sinclair, Multiple Man, Maverick, or Penance.  I tried and tried to look for parges dedicated to these characters but it seemes that they have fallen into the Marvel Black Hole of Forgotten Characters.  So I talked to my friends and we decided to put this webpage up.  Dedicated to those Marvel Characters who stood in the back ground and never got a chance to shine before their flame was estinquished. 

And so here it is....
Marvel's Forgotten