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Miraculous Herb : Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi)

Nectar of the earth : Ganoderma Lucidum

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 Sterility ?

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Though it is unbelievable, I've designed the website having checked out all aspects closely

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But For present, the records of recurrence of patients have been given. And if anyone has doubts

on the testimony described below, they're free to contact me (See end), I'll provide them all testimony.

All data given below are from India which covers major two cities Chennai and Surat.

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Drastic effect of Ganoderma Lucidum of DXN Co.   or


Clinical Status of Patients of Different diseases

No Pateint's Name and Address Age Phone Start Date

Initial Description of patient's illness

Date of Monitor Condition as on date of monitoring

Mrs. Sona Achalah

C3, Mathura Terrace,

72, New Avadi Road,

Kilpauk, Chennai-10.



6449476 17.30.00 Non-Healing Ulcer on right leg for 3 yrs. Ulcer was about 75 mm across, above ankle, blackish coloration of the skin below the knee, indicating lack of blood supply and painful blister on the sole due to pressure while standing. Frequent swelling of foot & painful leg. 18.03.00 Started oral consumption of RG & GL and external application of RG on the ulcer daily.
08.04.00 Skin Colour Improved Significantly indicating.
10.09.00 Good Blood flow. Veins became visible on skin surface.
10.09.00 80 % of the ulcer healed. Skin colour and sole of the foot improved fully. Able to walk well without pain and blisters.
30.09.00 General Health condition improved.
05.10.00 90 % of the ulcer healed and further improve in general condition and leg health.

Mrs. Lakshmi

Flat # A, Door # 49,

Soundarya Apprt.,

Mambalam High Road


54 8252659 18.07.00 Filarial Leg for 2 yrs & Rheumatoid Arthritis of both the hands for 5 yrs: filarial right leg & swelling below the knee with an ulcer. 27.07.00 Swelling & Redness of leg reduced 50 %, feeling light with the leg.
20.10.00 Ulcer healed 80 %. Feeling more comfortable. Arthritis pain and finger stiffness reduced. Finger muscles flexible and usable. Skin texture and health improved noticeably.
03.11.00 Filarial leg swelling reduced by 70 % from oozing wound stopped.

Mr. Yadhav

12, Parthasarathypuram

Extn, Chennai-17.

24 8228977 01.09.00 Neuralgia : Demylenating disease for 4 yrs Right leg- inability to walk properly & painful. Wasting of muscles. (MRI report confirmed) 09.09.00 Pain reduced 70 %. Feeling of strength in the leg muscles.
12.09.00 Able to walk longer distance continuously.
10.10.00 Overall improvement 75 %. Able to walk comfortably without pain.

Mrs. Meenakshi


36   10.08.00 Cancer Breast : Surgical Removal done already with axillary clearance. Chemotherapy given on 09.09.00 10.09.00 Ganotherapy Started
17.09.00 Side effects of chemotherapy not present
24.09.00 General condition improved
20.10.00 Very good improvement of general health. No further spread noticed.


Mahalakshi Apprts.,

Doshi Housing Unit,

Adambakkam Guibdy,


12 244923 29.05.00 Coma : Head injury with multiple intra-cerebral constusion with sub arachnoid haemerrhage with Left temporal hypo dense contusion. Due to fall from first floor level while playing. Unconscious - hospitalized in ICU. 05.07.00 Ganotherapy started by feeding through nasal (Ryel's tube) tube. High dosage followed. Continuous monitoring due to on a day to day basis.
10.10.00 Consciousness fully recovered. Limp movement noticed on right side. Voice not recovered. Recognition and memory were remarkably good.
20.10.00 Able to swallow solid food. Voice improved. All reflexes working. Able to sit with support. General condition improved very well.

Vijaylaxmi Kannan

New # 20, Subramania

Nagar, Plot # 4,

Balaji Apprts.,



30 2315181 05.04.00 Long-term infertility & dysfunctional uterine bleeding : Advised diagnostic laproscopy. Noticed bilateral tubal block. Mr. Kannan (husband) normal with 60 % motility of sperm and count normal. 25.04.00 RG & GL started for both wife & husband with necessary counselling.
22.09.00 Pregnancy test proved positive
16.10.00 Ultra sonogram confirmed the pregnancy. The foetus observed to be healthy. Gano consumption continued.

Mrs. Rajini

W/o. S. Boopathy



36 2455576 15.02.00

Cancer : Monocytic Leukemia

Terminal Case : WBC TC: 800: Hb: 5.1g.

Presenting symptom : Bleeding gums, bleeding rectum, bleeding pervagina, Respiratory Distress, Every 5th day required blood transfusion. (Patient advised by cancer inst. to undergo bone marrow transplantation costing around Rs. 11 lakh failing which they can't assure her life beyond 5 days)

22.02.00 General Condition improved : WBC TC: 1200, Bleeding gums, PR & PV stopped completely.
29.02.00 WBC TC: 2400, Blood transfusion given Hb: 9.7g.
07.03.00 Hb: 9.1g, WBC TC: 2200 clinically stable.
15.03.00 General condition further improved, patient able to do all her work independently including outside work.
23.03.00 Additional protein mix given. Patient felt energetic and could handle her SIL's FIL's dealt with work load as a normal person. Hb: 8.7g WBC TC: 3300
23.04.00 Same condition, therapeutic plateau
09.05.00 Hb reduced, blood transfusion given after two months. Condition stable WBC : 1800

Mr. Ramalah

Putheri Street,



55   03.04.00 Cancer : Carcinoma both vocal cords. Treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Patient all right for 3 months. On routine checkup, found out at cancer Inst. Recurrence of growth in left vocal cord. Advised immediate operation costing Rs. 30,000/- that the patient can not afford. 10.04.00 Condition Same
17.04.00 Condition improved with change of vioce. Patient able to talk clearly.
23.04.00 General well being felt by patient. Patient attended his work without problem.
01.05.00 After taking Lingzhi coffee along with RG-GL, patient developed increased appetite, gain weight and speed is normal.
25.05.00 Status Quo : Patient okay.

Mr. Ramchandram

Vijaynagar Ist Main Road,



73 2453429 08.05.00 Paraplegia : Total paralysis of legs. Treated at Ramchandra Medical college hospital for 3 months- discharged with advice of physiotherapy only. Patient developed bed sores- total bed ridden. 15.05.00 Bedsores completely healed. Patient able to sit by himself. Sense of general wellbeing felt. Physiotherapy being done.
22.05.00 As per physiotherapist, the rigidity of lower limbs muscles reduced drastically.

Mr. Vembu Iyer

No: 3, Shanti St.,

Dr. Seethapathi Nagar,



60   24.04.00 Hemiplegia: (left side) Since 5 yrs under physiotherapy, walking with support with great difficulty. 30.04.00 Patient had loss of rigidity on both upper and lower limb. As per patient, he can walk a little bit freely than before.
10.05.00 Patient walking independently

Mrs.C. Padmini

12, Main Road,



38 2432676 14.04.00 Chronic Asthma : Regular use of inhaler 15-20 times a day. Aerocort & Asthalin. 21.04.00 Bleeding PR and loose motion observed on 3rd day. Afterwards, She continued marked improvements in breathing. Total given up inhaler and oral tabs now.

Mr. Oomer



62 5380181 21.04.00 Chronic Asthma : Regular use of inhaler Neutraliser + Oxygen tent in the evening in addition to oral tablets. 28.04.00 Given up oxygen tent. Using only neutraliser when necessary (SOS). Stopped tablets. Patient had piles problem and this also became all right. General feeling of well being felt by patient.


S/o S. Arul Prakasam,

611, M.N. Sami St.,


16 456198 16.04.00 Known Asthmatic : Since birth trated with Salbutamol, Cortisone Aerocort inhaler. Tired and felt weak always. Fins it very difficult to attend school. 19.04.00 Wheezing reduced after third day. Felt very Active and Brisk. Reduced all allopathy medicine.
23.04.00 Stopped all allopathy medicines. RG-GL 2 pairs/day. Able to attend plus 2 special class without any problem.
14 Meena A. 38 456198 16.04.00 Allergic Rashes : all over body particularly in the evening for 1.5 months, treated with betnosol and Cetrizine 17.04.00 Started 1 pair of RG-GL. She developed loose motion, from that day, she has no allergy.

Mrs. Kuppu Bal

Telugu Brahmin St.,



50   27.04.00 Carcinoma @ Breast + NIDDM patient was operated with total removal of breast and 6000 unit of Telecobalt therapy given in 6 weeks. She was alright for 3 months. The patient developed cough not controlled with anti-biotics & cough syrups, again advised to consult at Cancer Institute, Adyar. After taking x-ray of chest, patient was told that she had developed secondaries in the lungs. Patient had wheezing & non stop cough with loss of appetite. Her urine sugar was ++. 27.04.00 Patient was put on RG + GL 1 pair 1 week and RG + GL 2 pairs for 2 weeks
02.05.00 Lot of sputum which was thick in consistence came out. Wheezing much reduced. Sense of well being felt. Patient became DXN member and she was put on RG-3, GL-6 TDS.
09.05.00 She was advise Lingzhi coffee to take wheezing completely stopped. Cough very much reduced.
16.05.00 Patient feel hale and healthy. Her blood sugar reduce and appetite has increased.

Mrs. Elamathy

W/o, Panneerselvam,

77, Sankaran Avenue,



45 2455576 13.04.00 Polycystic Ovaries + Tubal Pregnancy : Operated 8 yrs back, developed post operative KELOID of the scar. It was very painful and dark brown in colour. Difficult to wear saree. Continuous paid RIF due to PCO. Treated with pacentrex Dayenticon & Anti inflammatory drugs on & off by Gynacologist. 13.04.00 RG - GL 1 pair Ist week.
20.04.00 Pain RIF & KELOID slightly reduced
27.04.00 Lower abdomen girth reduced. Lost of weight 2 kg. Dosage doubled to 2 pairs.
02.05.00 Pain in RIF & KELOID very much reduced. Colour of the KELOID started changing from dark brown to light.
08.05.00 Both RIF & KELOID paid stopped. Able to wear saree without any difficulty. Colour of KELOID almost came to normal skin colour.


Kaasyap Court,

Main Road,


Chennai- 42.

45   14.04.00 NIDDM + CABG (Open heart Surgery) : Uncontrollable diabetes, fusting sugar 249 mg & above always. Depressed mood. Even after operation, patient comes for chest pain on and off. 21.04.00 Patient felt a sense of well being, Mood elevated
28.04.00 Blood sugar 149 mg pp. Efficiency of work improvement. Sense of well being good. Post operative scar pain reduced and chest pain reduced.

Mrs. Bragambal

Brindavan St,

Balaiah Gardens,



67   23.04.00 Known Asthmatic : 15 yrs old _ Bil (TB) patient, Taking antibiotics + deriphyllin + cough syrups. Patient received ATT. Almost bed ridden. 30.04.00 Patient had lot of relief from wheezing & she even conducted a DXN meeting at her resience. Lot of sputum brought out.
31.05.00 No wheezing. Completely stopped cough expectorant.

Apart from above cases, some of cases recorded in Surat, Gujarat as under : (as on 12th November, 2001)

1) Name : Tejas

    Age : 7.5 years old.

    Address :- 1, Dhruvtarak Society, Near Uday Nagar, Katargam Road, Surat-4.

    Problem : Medicinal reactions caused his body as hysteria since 6 months after his birth. Even at the age of 7 years, he could not walk properly. He fell down just after having taken two steps. Mal-nutrition had weakened the whole body along with mental backwardness. Mental development was very slow. He had not developed his tongue to speak properly (only through gestures).

    Condition at present : Ingest started taking before a month ago. Mental improvement is seen about 25 %. Increment in appetite and hence the body started nutritionalizing. He can walk properly. Even he, now runs. Physical strength is visualized. RG-GL is still continued taking.


2) Name : Bharatbhai Bhimjibhai

    Age : 30 yrs

    Problem : Psoriasis. The patient (esp. on head) spent 1.5 lakh for the treatment of disease so far but no positive result could be seen.

    Condition at present : Now, 99 percent recurrence is reported. The ingest had started before 1 month and 10 days back and still continued.


3) Name : Pinkesh Mohanbhai Unagar

    Age : 15 yrs

    Problem : Spoilage in back two teeth. The patient was not able to chew even a bit solid things. Only ability to take liquid things. Very weak physically before.

    Condition at present : Now, he can eat any type of solid things. Body has become healthy and well-structured. Result started to be noticed just after 15 days of using DXN toothpaste and coffee. Appetite has been well hiked. The toothpaste started using before four months back.


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