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Three years ago, a being called Onslaught attempted to take over the world. In the middle of that battle, four heroes disappeared. Now, they have returned to a world they don't know.

New on December 13, 2004:

The Awakening By Tony Thornley and Jason Trenner #2 - "You Don't Know What Hell Is"
What happened to Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Scarlet Spider and Mimic during the three years they had vanished? Professor Xavier and Xorn help them find out!



ITEM! NEW SITE! As I said at the launch, this site is temporary, and thus, the new site is under construction. We should have it ready for the next issue of Awakening, so stay tuned!


ITEM! MREV BEGINS! It's here! The new Revolution begins with the launch miniseries- the Awakening! We're pleased to present MRev's new universe. Come in, take a look around. Coming along this month will be Awakening, and the timeline for what happened between Onslaught and now. Next month will feature the launch of our first wave of titles! Welcome to the Revolution.

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