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Volume 23, Spring 1999, No. 1.

Blairy, Sylvie, Herrera, Pedro, & Hess, Ursula.
Mimicry and the judgment of emotional facial expressions
1999 Spring Vol 23 (1), 5-41.

Langer, S. L., & Wurf, Elissa.
The effects of channel-consistent and channel-inconsistent interpersonal feedback on the formation of metaperceptions
1999 Spring Vol 23 (1), 43-65.

Anderson, D. Eric, DePaulo, Bella, Ansfield, Mathew A., Tickle, Jennifer J., & Green, Emily.
Beliefs about the cues to deception: Mindless stereotypes or untapped wisdom?
1999 Spring Vol 23 (1), 67-89.

Carton, John S., Kessler, Emily A., & Pape, Christina L.
Nonverbal decoding skills and Relationship well-being in adults.
1999 Spring Vol 23 (1), 91-100.

Volume 22, Winter 1998, No. 4

Cashdan, Elizabeth.
Smiles, speech, and body posture: How women and men display sociometric status and power
1998 Winter Vol 22(4), 209-228

Segrin, Chris.
The impact of assessment procedures on the relationship between paper and pencil and behavioral indicators of social skill.
1998 Winter Vol 22(4), 229-251.

Patterson, Miles L., & Stockbridge, E.
Effects of cognitive demand and judgment strategy on person perception accuracy.
1998 Winter Vol 22(4), 253-263.

Volume 22, Fall 1998, No. 3

Zeman, Janice & Shipman, Kimberly
Influence of social context on children's effect regulation: A functionalist perspective.
1998 Fall Vol 22(3), 141-165

Thompson, Laura A., Driscoll, Donna, & Markson, Lori
Memory for visual-spoken language in children and adults.
1998 Fall Vol 22(3), 167-187

Feeley, Thomas H. & deTurck, Mark A.
The behavioral correlates of sanctioned and unsanctioned deceptive communication.
1998 Fall Vol 22(3), 189-204

Volume 22, Summer 1998, No. 2

Baum, Kym M. & Nowicki Jr., Stephen
Perception of emotion: Measuring decoding accuracy of adult prosodic cues varying in intensity.
1998 Summer Vol 22(2), 89-107

Tucker, Joan S. & Anders, Sherry L.
Adult attachment style and nonverbal closeness in dating couples.
1998 Summer Vol 22(2), 109-124

Sprouse, Cynthia A., Hall, Cathy W., Webster, Raymond E., & Bolen, Larry M.
Social perception in students with learning disabilities and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
1998 Summer Vol 22(2), 125-134

Volume 22, Spring 1998, No. 1

Krammer, Karl, Kruck, Kirsten B., & Magnusson, Magnus S.
The courtship dance: Patterns of nonverbal synchronization in opposite-sex encounters.
1998 Spring Vol 22(1), 3-29.

Bente, Gary, Donaghy, William C.,& Suwelack.
Sex differences in body movement and visual attention: An integrated analysis of movement and gaze in mixed-sex dyads.
1998 Spring Vol 22(1), 31-58.

Mcdaniel, Ed, & Anderson, Peter A.
International patterns of interpersonal tactile communication: A field study.
1998 Spring Vol 22(1), 59-75.

Carton, John S. and Carton, Erin E.R.
Nonverbal maternal warmth and children's locus of control of reinforcement.
1998 Spring Vol 22(1), 77-86.

Volume 21, Winter 1997, No. 4

The intensity of emotional facial expressions and decoding accuracy.
Ursula Hess, Sylvie Blairy, Robert E. Kleck.
Winter 1997 Vol 21(4), 241-258.

The voice of deception: Vocal strategies of naive and able liars.
Luigi Anolli, Rita Ciceri.
Winter 1997 Vol 21(4), 259-285.

Volume 21, Fall 1997, No. 3
Special issue: The communicative function of facial expressions, part 1: Empirical Challenges. Arvid Kappas, Ed.

The fascination with faces: Are they windows to our soul? Arvid Kappas. Fall 1997 Vol 21, 157-161.

Are spontaneous expressions and emotions linked? An experimental test of coherence.
Jose-Miguel Fernandez-Dols, Flor Sanchez, Pilar Carrera, Maria-Angeles Ruiz-Belda.
Fall 1997 Vol 21 (3), 163-178.

Facial-affective behavior, mutual gaze, and emotional experience in dyadic interactions.
Jorg Merten.
Fall 1997 Vol 21 (3), 179-202.

Fooled by a smile: Detecting anxiety in others.
Jinni A. Harrigan, Kristy T. Taing.
Fall 1997 Vol 21 (3) 203-222.

The painful truth: Interpretation of facial expressions of pain in older adults.
Deborah Hunt Matheson
Fall 1997 Vol 21 (3), 223-239.

Volume 21, Summer 1997, No. 2

Individual differences in hand movements during deception.
Aldert Vrij, Lucy Akehurst, Paul Morris.
Summer 1997 Vol 21(2), 87-102.

Emotional experience as a function of social context: The role of the other.
Esther Jakobs, Agneta H. Fischer, Antony S.R. Manstead
Summer 1997 Vol 21(2), 103-130.

The emotional contagion scale:A measure of individual differences.
R. William Doherty.
Summer 1997 Vol 21(2), 131-155.

Volume 21, Spring 1997, No. 1

Biehl, M., Matsumoto, D., Ekman, P., Hearn, V., Heider, K., Kudoh, T., & Ton, V.
Matsumoto and Ekman's Japanese and Caucasian facial expressions of emotion (JACFEE): Reliability data and cross-national differences.
1997 Spring Vol 21(1), 3-21.

Gregory, Stanford W. Jr., Dagan, K., & Webster, S.
Evaluating the relation of vocal accomodation in conversation of partner's fundamental frequencies to perceptions of communication quality.
1997 Spring Vol 21(1), 23-43.

Dabbs, James M. Jr.
Testosterone, smiling, and facial appearance.
1997 Spring Vol 21(1), 45-56.

Galati, D., & Lavelli, M. Neonate and infant emotion expression perceived by adults.
1997 Spring Vol 21(1), 57-83.

Volume 20, Winter 1996 , No. 4.

Springer, K., Meier, Jo A., & Berry, D. S.
Nonverbal bases of social perception: Developmental change in sensitivity to patterns of motion that reveal interpersonal events.
1996 Winter Vol 20(4), 199-211.

Bente, G., Feist, A., & Elder, S.
Person perception effects of computer-simulated male and female head movement.
1996 Winter Vol 20(4), 213-223

Montgomery, D. E., Moran, C., & Bach, L. M.
The influence of nonverbal cues associated with looking behavior on young children's mental attributions.
1996 Winter Vol 20(4) 229-249

Volume 20, Fall 1996 , No. 3.

Jones, Stanley E., & Brown, Brandi C.
Touch attitudes and behaviors, recollections of early childhood touch, and social self-confidence.
1996 Fal Vol 20(3) 147-163

Knutson, Brian.
Facial expressions of emotion influence interpersonal trait inferences.
1996 Fal Vol 20(3)165-182

Camras, Linda A., Lambrecht, L., & Michel, George F.
Infant "surprise" expressions as coordinative motor structures.
1996 Fal Vol 20(3) 183-195

Volume 20, Summer 1996, No. 2.

Ellgring, Heiner, & Scherer, K. R.
Vocal indicators of mood change in depression.
1996 Sum Vol 20(2) 83-110

Goldstein, Naomi E., & Feldman, R. S.
Knowledge of American Sign Language and the ability of hearing individuals to decode facial expressions of emotion.
1996 Sum Vol 20(2) 111-122

Jakobs, Esther, Manstead, Antony S. R., & Fisher, A. H.
Social context and the experience of emotion.
1996 Sum Vol 20(2) 123-142

Volume 20, Spring 1996, No 1.

Newton, Tamara L., Haviland, Jeannette M., & Contrada, Richard J.
The face of repressive coping: Social context and the display of hostile expressions and social smiles.
Vol 20(1) 3-22

Hall, Judith A.
Touch, status, and gender at professional meetings.
Vol 20(1) 23-44

Cohen, Ronald L., & Borsoi, D.
The role of gestures in description-communication: A cross-sectional study of aging.
1996 Spr Vol 20(1) 45-63

Vrij, Aldert, & Semin, Guen R.
Lie experts' beliefs about nonverbal indicators of deception.
Vol 20(1) 65-80

Volume 19, Winter 1995. No. 4.

Special Issue: Health, Health Care, and Nonverbal Behavior
Guest Editor: Valerian J. Derlega

Derlega, Valerian J.
Health, health care, and nonverbal behavior: An issues overview.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 189-190.

Prkachin, Kenneth M., & Craig, Kenneth D.
Expressing pain: The communication and interpretation of facial pain signals.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 191-206.

Lepper, Heidi S., Martin, Leslie R., & DiMatteo, M. Robin.
A model of nonverbal exchange in physician-patient expectations for patient involvement.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 207-222

Bensing, Jozien M., Kerssens, Jan J., & van der Pasch, Marja.
Patient-directed gaze as a tool for discovering and handling psychosocial problems in general practice.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 223-242

Yankeelov, Pamela A., Barbee, Anita P., Cunningham, Michael R., & Druen, Perri B.
The influence of negative medical diagnoses and verbal and nonverbal support activation strategies on the interactive coping process.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 243-260

Volume 19, Fall 1995. No. 3.

Ansfield, Matthew E., DePaulo, Bella M., & Bell, Kathy L.
Familiarity effects in nonverbal understanding: Recognizing our own facial expressions and our friends'.
1995 Fal Vol 19(3) 135-149

Magill-Evans, Joyce, Konning, Cyndie, Cameron-Sadava, Anne, & Manyk, Kathy.
The child and adolescent social perception measure.
1995 Fal Vol 19(3) 151-169

Christenfeld, Nicholas
Does it hurt to say um?
1995 Fal Vol 19(3) 171-186

Volume 19, Summer 1995. No. 2.

Millar, Murray G., & Millar, K.
Detection of deception in familiar and unfamiliar persons: The effects of information restriction.
1995 Sum Vol 19(2) 69-84

Harrison-Speake, Karen, & Willis, Frank N.
Ratings of the appropriateness of touch among family members.
1995 Sum Vol 19(2) 85-100

Lewis, Robin J., Derlega, Valerian J., Nicols, Brenda., Shankar, Arti, Drury, Kathryn K, & Hawkins, L.
Sex differences in observers' reactions to a nurse's use of touch.
1995 Sum Vol 19(2) 101-113

Bernieri, Frank J., & Gillis, John S.
The judgment of rapport: A cross-cultural comparison between Americans and Greeks.
1995 Sun Vol 19(2) 115-130

Volume 19, Spring 1995. No 1.

Patterson, Miles L.
Invited article: A parallel process model of nonverbal communication.
1995 Spr Vol 19(1) 3-29

Montepare, Joann M.
The impact of variations in height on young children's impressions of men and women.
1995 Spr Vol 19(1) 31-47

Briton, Nancy J., & Hall, Judith A.
Gender-based expectancies and observer judgments of smiling.
1995 Spr Vol 19(1) 49-65

Volume 18, Winter 1994, No. 4.

Kappas, Arvid, Hess, U., Barr, Carol L., & Kleck, Robert E.
Angle of regard: The effect of vertical viewing angle on the perception of facial expressions.
1994 Win Vol 18(4) 263-280

Carrera-Levillain, Pilar, & Fernandez-Dols, Jose-Miguel.
Neutral faces in context: Their emotional meaning and their function.
1994 Win Vol 18(4) 281-299.

Josephs, Ingrid E.
Display rule behavior and understanding in preschool children.
1994 Win Vol 18(4) 301-326

Volume 18, Fall 1994, No. 3.

Berry, Diane S., Hansen, Jane S., Landry-Pester, Julie C., & Meier, Jo A.
Vocal determinants of first impressions of young children.
1994 Fal Vol 18(3) 187-197

Noller, Patricia, & Feeney, Judith A.
Relationship satisfaction, attachment, and nonverbal accuracy inearly marriage.
1994 Fal Vol 18(3) 199-221

Meiran, Nachshon, Netzer, Tali, Netzer, Sefi, Itzhak, Dvori, & Rechnitz, Orit.
Do tests of nonverbal decoding ability measure sensitivity to nonverbal cues?
1994 Fal Vol 18(3) 223-244

Hayduk, Leslie A.
Personal space: Understanding the simplex model.
1994 Fal Vol 18(3) 245-260

Volume 18, Summer 1994. No. 2.

Vrij, Aldert
The impact of information and setting on detection of deceptionby police detectives.
Sum Vol 18(2) 117-136

Guerrero, Laura K., & Anderson, Peter A.
Patterns of matching and initiation: Touch behavior and touch avoidance across romantic relationship stages.
1994 Sum Vol 18(2) 137-153

Burgoon, Judee K., & Buller, David B.
Interpersonal deception: III. Effects of deceit on perceived communication and nonverbal behavior dynamics.
1994 Sum Vol 18(2) 155-184

Volume 18, Spring 1994. No. 1.

Special Issue: Development of nonverbal behavior, Part II.
Social development and nonverbal behavior.
Guest Editor: Amy G. Halberstadt

Halberstadt, Amy G.
Social development and nonverbal behavior, Issue Overview.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 3-7

Nowicki, Stephen Jr., & Duke, Marshall P.
Individual differences in the nonverbal communication of affect: The Diagnostic Analysis of Nonverbal Accuracy Scale.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 9-35.

Boyatzis, Chris J., Satyaprasad, C.
Children's facial and gestural decoding and encoding: Relations between skills and with popularity.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 37-55

Casey, Rita J., & Fuller, Laura L.
Maternal regulation of children's emotions.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 57-89

Kahlbaugh, Patricia E., & Haviland, Jeannette M.
Nonverbal communication between parents and adolescents: A study of approach and avoidance behaviors.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 91-113

1993, Winter, Volume 17, No. 4.

Mastumoto, D., & Kudoh, Tsutomo.
American-Japanaes cultural differences in attributions of personality based on smiles.
1993 Winter Vol 17(4) 231-243

Bond, Michael Harris.
Emotions and their expression in Chinese culture.
1993 Winter Vol 17(4) 245-262

Kenner, Andrew N.
A cross-cultural study of body-focused hand movement.
1993 Winter Vol 17(4) 263-279

1993, Volume 17, No. 3. Fall 1993.

Special Issue: Development of nonverbal behavior, Part 1: Emotional experience and expression an issue overview

Halberstadt, Amy G.
Emotional experience and expression: An issue overview.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3), 139-143

Barrett, Karen Caplovitz
Development of nonverbal communication of emotion: a functionalist perspective.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3), 145-169

Camras, Linda A., Sullivan, Jean, & Michel, George.
Do infants express discrete emotions adult judgments of facial vocal and body actions.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3) 171-186

Stifter, Cynthia A., & Grant, Wanda.
Infant responses to frustration individual differences in the expression of negative affect.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3) 187-204

Denham, Susanne A., & Grout, Leslie.
Socialization of emotion pathway to preschoolers emotional and social competence.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3) 205-227

Volume 17, Summer 1993. No. 2.

Blake, Joanna., & Dolgoy, Susan J.
Gestural development and its relation to cognition during the transition to language.
1993 Sum Vol 17(2) 87-102

Tucker, Joan S., & Friedman, Howard S.
Sex differences in nonverbal expressiveness emotional expression personality and impressions.
1993 Sum Vol 17(2) 108-117

Zuckerman, Miron., & Miyake, Kunitate.
The attractive voice: What makes it so?
1993 Sum Vol 17(2) 119-135

Volume 17, Spring 1993, No. 1.

Wagner, Hugh L
Measuring performance in category judgment studies on nonverbal behavior.
1993 Spr Vol 17(1) 3-28

Wagner, Hugh L., Buck, Ross, & Winterbotham, Meg.
Communication of specific emotions gender differences in sending accuracy and communication measures.
1993 Spr Vol 17(1) 29-54

Montepare, Joann M., & Zebrowitz, Leslie A.
A cross cultural comparison of impressions created by age related variations in gait.
1993 Spr Vol 17(1) 55-68

Russell, Robert L., Stokes, James, Jones, Marylouise E., Czogalik, Dietmer, & Rohleder, Lisa.
The role of nonverbal sensitivity in childhood psychopathology.
1993 Spr Vol 17(1) 69-83

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