Welcome to my Guestbook!

Loraise - 10/06/00 22:24:08
My Email:loraise@yahoo.ca

This is fantastic! Welcome to my world, my new friend. I'm really glad to meet you on-line.

Shirley - 09/27/00 11:11:48
My Email:southern_belle_51@yahoo.com

What is wrong with Fred's page? Shows up as an error.

Snowgirl - 08/12/00 22:13:23
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great webpage liked your poetry

- 08/12/00 01:40:48

You're an excellent poet! My favorite was "The Addiction of Love". It's nice to see Romance isn't dead in QCC =)

rick Smith - 06/03/00 14:56:25

Great job, Marv, very surprising ! Keep up the good work

Patty - 05/15/00 04:20:32

Great page u have here BB..hugs....take care..ill be back to read some more... xoxoxo Patty

Jodie Benson - 05/13/00 14:31:28
My Email:jodie7216@yahoo.com

one day as I was fooling around really on a down hill fall, I came a cross igames and thro the grace of God lighted on a fellow names ask if He would like to play a game.... This fellow was you and to my delight was a friend found I believe th t day.. I tryed to pump you up make you feel good and see if I might help myself as well..... I did help my self I found a friend that I call talk stright to with out going around in circles.... Thank you for being there May 12,2000 reall enjoyed your URL can see that your, you put you heart in to it as well friend Jodie may you found the happiness you should have.......

Scott Desjardins - 05/13/00 02:18:22
My Email:sdd3@dcx.com

Nice page Marv!!

Kimbo - 04/23/00 13:27:31
My Email:kimbo@dragon.net.au

Hey Hon, Love your pages.....Well done was good to read.... Kim xxxxxxx

Krazy Chellmarie - 04/22/00 21:39:33

i like your page thought you would be younger than what you r though nice webpage though

Shining Star - 04/22/00 17:15:01
My Email:shining_star1981@hotmail.com

hey Baby Blues, this is a very nice website. I enjoyed looking around it :)

The Lady - 04/19/00 00:03:59

I lkie your poems & my daughter was with me she liked them too & the backrounds

elmer carmichael - 03/23/00 22:35:48
My Email:Ecarmic@aol.com

Nice job Marv I should of known you were this talented!!!

ali - 03/12/00 18:56:54
My Email:alitxx@yahoo.com

You are so very talented.....Thank You for letting me read your work :o)

- 02/04/00 Shirley - 01/22/00 19:32:54

Marvin I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have made my life complete. xoxoxoxoxo

Nonie - 01/18/00 02:47:50
My Email:rosesalb@yahoo.com

Cool love the friendship poem

Donna Crosby - 09/30/99 00:56:15
My Email:DonnaCrosby@cmpmail.com

How's come ya don't have any of MY stuff, Marvin??? *pout pout*

Ron Pare - 09/28/99 09:38:40
My Email:ronpare@sprint.ca

Enjoyed reading the poems. I will certainly return to this site again and again.

R. Mcclure - 09/24/99 09:25:51
My Email:Remcclure@hotmail.com

Nice Very nice...

A Guest - 09/04/99 13:37:28

Beautiful site here ,, Keep up the good work

willow - 08/23/99 02:04:46

You are to be congratulated on keeping the internet clean and beautiful!!!!!!!! A nice place to visit!!!!! :)

willow - 08/23/99 01:58:24

You are to be congratulated on keeping the internet clean and beautiful!!!!!!!! A nice place to visit!!!!! :)

DEANNA TULLIUS - 07/10/99 11:38:40
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My Email:goldends@sc.tds.net

very nice you are a gentle person

Justa_lilbit - 06/29/99 20:41:15
My Email:Justa_lilbit@coolmail.net

Had to say what a great and beautiful job you have done.

Jody - 04/18/99 02:58:47

Marvin, Thank you for sharing these. This is lovely. I enjoyed reading and spending time on your web page. You're very sensitive and obviously filled with life. Thank you.

Hiya - 04/06/99 02:11:48

hey i love the poems thanks. Nice job *S*

Purple Rose - 02/23/99 02:07:27
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/mi/PURPLEROSE/index.html
My Email:PurplRos8@aol.com

Merry Meet Marvin,...you signed my guestbook a little while ago...I love the poem you used with my Odin set...it is very beautiful...you have a great site here...keep up the hard work & until the next time... Love & Friendship

Purple Rose

- 02/16/99 16:16:03


champton - 02/09/99 20:20:08
My Email:champton@wildmail.com

Well BB, Your page is beautiful as I expected it would be.I wish my poetry had the same sensitivity.I know that "special lady" is a very lucky one, and wish you all the best my friend. Here's to you, your poetry, and your happiness always. your friend, "gem" GWW

Jerry - 02/04/99 20:52:48
My Email:gesylvestre@snet.net

I spoke with Marv the other day and found out about your summer plans, I wish you both much happiness and love ...........and as I told Marv. ........many,...many,...little ones,..[smiling] But,..may I say,...your site and poem/story is beautiful. GOOG LUCK :-)

frank - 02/03/99 07:44:47
My Email:jsfrank_parker@hotmail.com

Beautiful stuff, Marvin. Who knew? I didn't. I thank Houseey for bringing me to your site, and I am sure that TIGGER ( another adoptive daughter of your - my roomy ) would love to come here too. I will let her know if she is not aware, my friend. Tak care.

J-Cat - 01/29/99 23:18:23
My Email:j_cats@hotmail.com


Southern_Belle_51 - 01/27/99 23:15:58


Alice - 01/27/99 20:30:08
My Email:sassyjo21@hotmail.com

The poem is beautiful and believe me it hits home to me.

Pat & Dottie - 01/25/99 02:04:03
My Email:patl1214swbell.net

Wonderful job! Looks great, sounds great and even reads better. Pat, Dottie and Colleen

Vandelia - 01/24/99 14:35:28
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/SouthBeach/Reef/9232
My Email:deekins@yahoo.com

love this page Marvin ...keep up the good work..love you my friend...........this page is about me also...always feel close to your poems.

candle in the wind (brenda) - 01/19/99 04:05:00
My Email:blwilkin@aa.net

thank you for all that you have done for me. and for putting some of my poems on your page. you area a very sweet and talented man, the love inside you reaches out and touches us all !

Pat & Dot - 01/11/99 14:24:50
My URL:http://home.swbell.net/weenie

Hello again. I took the day off, lost my voice. I thought I would check out all the sites I never get a chance to visit. I think it is so kewl that you add links to your friends sites. I have been checking them all. You have a lot to look at so I better get busy. Love your site, keep up the good work. Pat & Dottie (dirtyferty)&(dotrot)

Shy shy - 01/09/99 07:32:24
My Email:n_prayer4u@hotmail.com

Great talent as usual!

Cynthia Cook - 01/01/99 01:37:59
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/7015
My Email:cin_sational@hotmail.com

This is a wonderful homepage . It's a place to sit back and visit with a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy. You've done an amazing job and how nice to link so many of our pages to yours. Thanks for the friendship. I'll be anxious to check back. Your fri nd, Cindy

karen - 12/31/98 12:52:10

what a great page marvin i love it wish i had your talent...

Yvonne (LadyHawke) - 12/31/98 00:54:53
My Email:ytl1962@hotmail.com

Marvin... I loved your poems and the Link 'I have learned" I will be back to visit this page again for sure (already book marked it) to read again and again your poems. Hugs friend

Bruce - 12/23/98 13:21:14
My URL:http://viperspit.com
My Email:viper42@ptd.net

Hi, thanks for visiting my site and the nice comments. I enjoyed my visit here. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and I enjoyed reading your poetry. Happy Holidays!

Pat (DIRTYFERTY) - 12/21/98 02:35:06
My URL:http://www.home.swbell.net/weenie
My Email:patl1214@swbell.net

Very nice! I freaked when I saw Colleens page linked in yours. Wow you must have liked it, I guess. Thanks for sharing with us. I now have your home page bookmarked. Keep up the good work. Pat

Courtney--Marshelle - 12/20/98 15:35:13
My Email:combs@esn.net

Marvin, Your home page is very touching. I am so glad that I had the chance to meet you in person. You are truely a very special person and your friendship means alot to me. Stay sweet and thing will continue to be great. Marshelle

hope2_teaseyou_98 - 12/20/98 04:48:53
My URL:http://home.talkcity.com/RedRoseRd/kittycole
My Email:grix@naplesnet.com

very nice and what a lucky woman to whom that was written for !! your helping ways are only completed by your loving, caring ways... much luck to you and the receipient((how ever that's spelled))

Yvette aka Daughter #2 - 12/14/98 02:42:07
My Email:scarletyl@hotmail.com

Your poetry is beautiful Dad. Enjoyed visiting your webpage. keep up the wonderful work!

sandra - 12/11/98 20:22:06

Darlene showed me your poem about your friend it is very sad and beautiful

Darlene - 12/11/98 00:15:51
My Email:d_monhollen@hotmail.com

This is such a beautiful page full of love, pain, and feeling. You are one terrific person.

Dee - 12/06/98 01:30:24
My Email:deekins@yahoo.com


Shirley Evans - 10/18/98 00:10:35
My Email:she@groupz.netl

Wonderful poems keep up the good work. ~*smiles*~

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