Me and my husband Santa Cruz California 1992

Hi! Welcome to my Homepage !

I am Scottish but have lived in Germany for 26 years. I was born In Wick in the far North of Scotland, during the second world war, so work out for yourselves how old I am *smiles*. I still    have relatives living there. My Grandmother was a Sinclair and my Grandfather a Gray. The Gray family was traced back by a member of the family to Gilbert Gray in the 17th Century so I do know I have a lot of 'cousins' out there, in the U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia & New Zealand. The Sinclair's came from    MacArthur Street in Wick so if anyone comes from that family it would be nice to hear from you to. I left Wick at the age of seven when my parents moved to Edinburgh. A bit about myself, I am married and have three children, who are all married and have families of there own. I have five Grandchildren. My interests    are photography and crafts such as Hardanger, which is a needlework that originates from Norway. I love to travel, have been to U.S. a few times, Canada, Cyprus, Lanzarote Canary Islands, Spain and have taken many photos on my travels, some which I have included on my web site.






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