welcome to the "About Mary Sue" links page. Don't let the url fool you, the Mary Sue that created the site gave up the ghost since it wasn't getting enough hits and her enough glory. So, formerly the "Mary Sue Sanctuary", it has undergone a change in ownership and is now a vast collection of links on the subject of characters called "Mary Sues" or "Gary Stus", pro and con - mostly con. I hope you will find these links helpfull and entertaining. A Mary Sue is not an original character or self-insertion, it's one that's written badly, and many of these links will help define the difference between an original character in her own right, and a Mary Sue.

Mary Sue Test

Who and What is Mary Sue?

Go here to see my very frustrated review of a Senna Marie movie.
(Note: 'Senna Marie' is the worst kind of Mary Sue, it is discussed in detail on the "Who or What is Mary Sue?" link.


More Mary Sue Links

The Weakest Link! a parody.

Mary Sue Classifications
A Mockery of a Harry Potter Fanfic (Hilarious!)

  1. Neverwhere: Peter Pan Mary Sue Test
  2. Mary Sues: A Plague Upon the Land
  3. Best Mary Sue test on the net!
  4. October 2000 File: The Definition of Fan Fiction . . .
  5. Writers University
  6. Riddikulus.org
  7. The Equalizer Zone: Chat Page, 4
  8. The Mary Sue Society
  9. Mary Sue: The Stories
  10. Mary Sue Must Die -- A BSB Fan Page
  11. Hit The Road!
  12. Crazed Fans
  13. FanFiction.Net Parody on Anti-Mary Sue
  14. Mary Sueism
  15. Mary Sue's On-line Resume
  16. Mary Sue: Attack Of The Mary Sues
  17. 150 Years of Mary Sue -- The Mary Sues
  18. Self-Insertations and Mary Sues
  19. A way with worlds: 46 - Dark Mary Sue by Steven Savage - Page 1 of 2
  20. The truth
  21. Ghost's Gundam Wing page
  22. Da Page!!!
  23. Beta Readers Pages - Mary Sue and Family in Fanfiction
  24. Your Introductory Fanfic Experience
  25. Essay: Self-Insertion and Mary-Sue-ism
  26. "The Deal Behind Mary Sues"
  27. "Mary Sues to Original Characters: Definition, Detection, Damage Control"
  28. "Quite the Opposite"
  29. "State Your Name and Power"
  30. "Untitled" (writing Male Characters)
  31. Bad Fanfiction: Interview with Mary Sue
  32. An Android's Tale
  33. how to write a mary sue fic...
  34. The Worst ReBoot Series At This Time On The Planet!
  35. Whatever happened to Mary Sue
  36. The Soapbox
  37. Astronomy Domine, a Harry Potter site
  38. The Official P/T Collective Archive
  39. On "Mary Sue" and "Lay" Stories
  40. GW Addiction: 'Mary Sue Got A Makeover' by Loch Ness
  41. "The Hellmouth's Greatest Threat"
  42. worse
  43. Mary Sue Drinking Game
  44. Author's ramblings
  45. Kongetsu no Critique
  46. Untitled
  47. (no title)
  48. Untitled (OC VS. Mary Sue)
  49. When Mary Sues Attack
  50. (no title) a collection of archives and links about Mary Sues)
  51. The Soapbox: Perfectoholics Anonymous
  52. (no title)
  53. Battle of the Mary Sues
  55. Roses in Shadow: Guides
  56. Austin's Mary-Sue Nadesico Fanfic
  57. Homework
  58. city of emeralds - Past Twilight
  59. JenX
  60. Briefing in Five Minutes
  61. HPfGU - FAQ: Fan Fiction
  62. The Rantings of a Forgotten Mary Sue
  63. laure
  64. lisa
  65. Original Senshi Network
  66. Untitled
  67. Mary Sue
  68. Diseases of the ReBoot Fanfic Author
  69. [PG 13] How Mary Sue Got Killed - www.ezboard.com
  70. Body (a satire on writing canon
  71. Fannish Definitions
  72. Ashera's Archive - Glossary
  73. The Flick Filosopher | Shakespeare in Love
  74. Bad Fanfiction
  75. Companion
  76. Untitled
  77. Admin: TBR's view on critiques
  78. lefty.simplenet.com/svam/mstings/hotice1.txt
  79. leomcgarry.net: Fan Fiction: On Original Characters
  80. Writer's Nook
  81. Evil
  82. Self-Insertions
  83. What is FEF?
  84. Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont's journal
  85. Thoughts From a RP-er on Character Creation
  86. Writings
  87. Move Over Mary Sue
  88. Everything is Evil; Amen
  89. Untitled (a really crabby review/critique.)
  90. Creativity Demons Don't Dream
  91. Ordinary Day
  92. A Chronological Survey of the Fiction of Bongo Bear
  93. Tanba's Tall Tales - Scifi Fan Fiction From Star Wars To Doctor Who
  94. Crescent Blues| Editorial: When Guys Write Fan Fiction
  95. Writing Believable Characters
  96. Literary Dept.
  97. Coming Attractions
  98. Atheneum of Dakshee - Star Wars fanfic essay
  99. Wax Jism Rushes In Where MarySues Fear To Tread
  101. The Waiting Room
  102. About Me
  103. www.imjustsayin.net/jennyo/stories/marysue.txt
  104. The Archives Messageboard
  105. The Dreams Connection - A Brief Introduction To Fanfiction
  106. Chrysaor: Version Christianity
  107. *** Your Title Here ***
  108. Writing Tips
  109. Fighting the Forces Abstracts
  110. On Writing
  111. Cynamin's Fanfic Hints
  112. Twilight's Dungeon Flame's Bonfire- Mary Sue
  113. ANTI-FIC #3: Mystical Mythril!
  114. Haven Of Fic - Fanfiction [Watch Out, Here's Mary Sue]
  115. MediaMiner.org - Browse by fanfic name starting with: P
  116. Digital Night Fan fic definitions
  117. enchanted
  118. A Convocation
  119. When MarySues Collide (Plain Text)
  120. The Anti-Mary Sue Society!!!!!
  121. Welcome to ESS!
  122. Intro
  123. Attack of the Mary Sue Brigade
  124. Ordinary Heroes

Not Mary Sue related:

Never to Return Hilarious fanfiction about Draco Malfoy!
Orisha Estus's World of Randomness
Bad Dog! another Lady Une story with a different twist. If you ever thought your pet was badly behaved, you ain't seen nothin yet! - by LJ James and Indianna Who
Lady Une, the Urban Legendary Experience! - by Indianna Who
The Whoville Public Library
Kayin's Wish a Touching story about Kayin Amoh. It's somewhat of a crossover with Kayin Amoh and his friend, Eiji, Dawne's grown up Pippi Longstocking, and some original characters.
Out to Lunch by Indianna Who
Driven Up the Wall Kayin Amoh causes several near disasters when he fails to heed the rules for driving on American streets. It is up to Tabia and friends to get through to him. -By LJ and Indianna
Together They Stand - a "Little house" TV Series fanfiction by Dawne, Deb, and Andrea.