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Welcome to the Home Page for Adoptees and Birth Families! This page is dedicated to all adoptees and birth family members. It provides links to other useful pages that can help you with searching, adoption reform, and other related issues.

What is a Search Angel?

Join us for the 2000 March for Adoption Rights

Boycott ABC and 20/20 for showing biased, negative, and unfair adoption stories!

See photos of the birthmom's quilt that was displayed in Washington, D.C. here!

Success! Tennessee Open Records Law Stands!

Texas House Voted on Open Records Bills

Open Adoption Information

Bill Betzen's Adoption Pages

An Introduction to Open Adoption

Birthparents in Open Adoption

Adoption Reform

Adoption Information, Law and Reform

The Opposition

Essays and speeches on adoption reform

Adoption Letter Writing Campaign!

Thoughts on the Uniform Adoption Act

Adoptee Information

Bastard Nation Home Page

Voices of Adoption

A "Happy Adoptee" Reunion Story

Birthfamily Information

Birthmothers Updated!




Adoption Humor!

How the Grinch Stole Adoption Records, by kim@pitt

The Gospel, by J . Martel Stromberg

Moses' Search and Reunion

Sunflower Birthmoms Click Here!

Click here to find out more about the Green Ribbon campaign!

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