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This site is for Citrus Neighbors' use, to share information & promote community spirit within The Citrus

The site will soon include several pages of interest to those owning homes in The Citrus in La Quinta, California:

- useful contacts and phone numbers in The Citrus
- useful local contacts for services and businesses and web links
- important notices of interest like Board Meetings, ...
- MLS link for Citrus properties only
- Bulletin boards that Citrus homeowners can use to meet neighbors who have common interests - e.g., one neighbor told me she wants to reach others who are interested in tennis and bridge.

I am open to any and all suggestions for changes and/or additions to this site. Even though I am in real estate, I intend to keep this site free as possible from self promotion and it will be totally free of advertising.

Tom Sullivan, 79440 Citrus St, home 777-7772, cell 832-0777 or email me.
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These pages have been created and are maintained by Tom Sullivan of 79440 Citrus Street in The Citrus.  They are intended for exclusive use by the Homeowners of The Citrus.  I welcome all suggestions for additions and suggestions to these pages - all inquiries and suggestions should be directed to Tom Sullivan via email.  All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2004 by Tom Sullivan - 832-0777

The Citrus is trademarked by KSL and The La Quinta Resort and Club.
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Useful Local Telephone Numbers
Citrus Only MLS and
CMA Comps
Bulletin Board for
Services & Contractors Recommended by Neighbors
Useful Desert Links
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Under Construction - watch for frequent updates!
If you see any dust coming from this project, email Tom!!
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