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Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Rojas
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Her current research and activities:
- The last word, voices from three generations of Mexican women -A family recollection of thoughts, maps and hugs-

Rasmus Gjedssoe Bertelsen's Work at
Belfer Center
JFK School of Government
Harvard Universit
Public Clock-Town Hall
Camargo, Chihuahua. Mexico.
Events During 2009
January    -Would you like to co-author an article with us? The Invitation.

February  - Trip to New York City. I learned a lot from the city just by walking and walking.

March      - Rasmus travels to Dubai, Kuwait and Norway.

April        - Busy month: Writing the article, Travels to NYC, Cape Cod, RI- and the A H1N1

May         - The countdown starts for -The Book-

June        - ~~~~~~~~~The recollection of documents in process~~~~~~~~~

July         - First Draft Ready

August    - Second Draft Ready

September - Final Document Ready for my 40th Birthday!
May, 2009
Boston, Mass. U.S.A