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Cake Decorating and Teddy Bears, and One Stroke Painting.

My favorite hobbie is Cake Decorating, I am a member of ICES the International Cake Exploration Societe and a Wilton Method Cake Decorating Teacher. Each year we put on a Cake Decorating Show and Competition in Hazleton, PA. to raise money for a community charity. On the International Level each year there is a Convention held in a different state to promote the Art of Cake Decorating. As my page is under construction I will be adding much more in the near future. For now I am adding some Cakes for you to look at, these have been made by me for various reasons. CAKE PICTURES

I have also added a few of my Favorite Recipies for you to enjoy. There will be more of these to come also.

Stop by and see some of my 1000 piece Teddy Bear Collection. I just started to get it all together so stop by and learn a little about Lucy and Me Bearswhich is the biggest part of it. Feel free to browse the pictures of them. Also stop and see some of the Holiday Bears in my collection. NEW ADDITIONS: LUCY AND ME DOUGH BEAR PICTURES! THESE ARE GREAT THese dough bears were made in 1978 at the street fairs in Seattle. Dough Bears Bear Club Picture Lucy Bears & Us East Coast Club NEW LUCY AND ME BEAR LINE!!!! Check out the brand new Lucy and ME Bear Line done by Flowers, Inc. Balloons. Nice Line of Baby bears New Bears More New Bears The rest of the line.

My New Hobby One Stroke Painting, I am a ONE STROKE CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR, I was certified in Baltimore Maryland in May of 2003. Here are a few of my first projects

Another new hobby!!! Candy Bar wrapping! Here are a few of the candy bar cakes I made using Hershey Mini Bars and kisses. I will be adding more as I can get to them, thanks for looking. Candy Cakes
Just added some Gallon Cans
Also a few more Cans and cakes

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