Welcome Friends. You have found my second attempt at creating web page sets for your personal home page use. If you find something you like, feel free to use it, but please email me so I can visit to see how you are using my sets. Please DO NOT use my work to display nudity (for nudity's sake), pornography, hate/ racist comments or vulgarity in any form. I realize you have a right to "speak" your mind, but please, don't use my attempts at creativity to help promote your opinion. Please do not alter my graphics nor add them to any collection. Also, please, use the link button (provided) with each set and link back to me. With that said, browse through the following pages (next buttons work great!!!) and hopefully, you will find something that you like. You can email me from any of the pages if you need help and it would be great if you'd sign my guestbook before you leave.


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