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Major Programs and Activities: Health and Elder Care - Programs and projects for the delivery of medical care, public health services, and elder care in Maryland County. The programs and projects will cover preventive health care, sanitary health, health assessments, emergency medical relief, pharmaceutical assistance and well-children care. History and Culture - Programs and projects in research and documentation of events, people and places of Maryland County, including an "Oral History Project" to preserve the recollections of elder Marylanders. Education - Programs and projects to assist education in Maryland County, including the developemnt of a "Head Start" program for Maryland County children.
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Marylanders for Progress (Liberia), Inc.

Roberta N. Brown, President
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David Johnson, Treasurer
Catherine Woods, General Secretary
Addy Mensah, Financial Secretary
Athelia Tubman Davies, Spiritual

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Welcome to the web information site of Marylanders for Progress (Liberia), Inc. The purpose of this site is to inform you about our organization and its activities. Please bookmark our site and visit us often. Marylanders for Progress (Liberia) Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes to assist the economic and social development of Maryland County, Liberia. The primary objectives of the organization are stated here.
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MAY 31, 2002

May 13, 2002
I arrived in Harper, Maryland County on Monday May 13, 2002. Upon my arrival, I immediately delivered the individual letters from the President of MFP. The Superintendent of the County, Mr. Horatio Morais had traveled to Monrovia when I arrived in Cape Palmas so his letter was given to the Acting Superintendent, Mr. Nyemah. As I delivered the letters I informed each of those connected directly or indirectly with the MFP projects and the county officials about my visit and what I wanted to accomplish on behalf of MFP. Those I met included Mr. Dio Harris Supervisor of Schools for Maryland County, Mr. Victor Walker, Coordinator of Africa House and MFP Projects, Mr. Wade Dennis, President, Liberia Marketing Association of Maryland County, and Mr. Jenkins Yancy, the City Mayor. I express my interest in organizing a town meeting with the County officials and to arrange a meeting with the marketers who have benefited from the loan system.

May 14, 2002
May 14th was a national holiday, so I could not do much. I visited Mr. Walker at his Marsh Street office for debriefing about MFP projects. He told me that most of the books sent by MFP had arrived and that Mr. Harris and his staff are stamping the books before distributing them to the school districts. I later reminded him that MFP want a written report on MFP project. He assured me that he would have the report ready before the day of my departure. Unfortunately, the report was not ready at the time of my departure. 
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Marylanders for Progress
"Honoring Our Fathers"

A Benefit and Raffle Draw for J. J. Dossen Hospital
with special appearances by


Maryland County's Own Talents

Saturday, November 2, 2002.
8:00 p.m.
Glenn Dale Fire Assoc. Bldg.
Glenn Dale, Maryland

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J. J. Dossen Hospital, Maryland County, Liberia. This is the only hospital in southeastern Liberia. Marylanders for Progress is about to launch a health project in the county to improve conditions and services at J. J. Dossen. Could you please support MFP in its effort to revive the hospial? Click here to see other pictures.
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